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Ticket #16767 - Update theme

Hello i tried to update the theme to lastest version i tried to do it in the back office i was no able to have the update button

I tried a manual update and i ma getting this error



Fred 10 Feb 2020, 11:25

Hi, Alessandro.
Where I can see the error, Could you please give me a link?

Alessandro Paolin 10 Feb 2020, 18:38


Here is the link of the website where you can see it


Fred 11 Feb 2020, 10:33

as I can see the theme's folder is not complete. I just upload the latest full theme and all seems works fine

Alessandro Paolin 11 Feb 2020, 18:50

Hello thanks for the help i have updated the modules of themes i am getting another errror


Fred 12 Feb 2020, 10:51

As I can see your modules folders are not complete as well. How did you make an update?
Please download latest Alysum version from themeforest, unzip it, find modules in the /themes/prestashop-1.7.x/alysum-v.5.4.0.zip/dependencies
Then, read carefully your error messages to find out which module has an error and upload that module from archive to your server

Alessandro Paolin 12 Feb 2020, 19:05

Hello i have downloaded the module folder and replace all the old modules with the updated one but still fatal error on the amp module i just re uploaded it same thing

Fred 12 Feb 2020, 22:00

I wrote you to get modules from the folder "/dependencies" but not "/updates"
I'm uploading every module from scratch now...

Fred 12 Feb 2020, 22:03

I'm not able to continue to upload modules because of server connections limit

Response: 	421 Too many connections (8) from this IP
Error:        	Could not connect to server
Alessandro Paolin 13 Feb 2020, 13:04

Cold you send me the folder dependencies, please? Thank you

Fred 13 Feb 2020, 13:28

you can download it in the package from themeforest

Alessandro Paolin 19 Feb 2020, 19:56

Hello after the update i am getting a few issues

1. the AMP version on mobile is not working correctly
2. The contact us link n the footer is not working also
Thansk for your help


Fred 19 Feb 2020, 21:15

1. I don't see any issue there, please give me more details
2. Contact page also works for me https://www.paolin.net/en/content/23-contact-us

Alessandro Paolin 22 Feb 2020, 19:26

Hello i have made 2 files where there are different problems i am getting

please do let me know


AMP.pdf (221.4 KiB)
DESKTOP.pdf (655.5 KiB)
Fred 25 Feb 2020, 13:38

AMP is fixed

Fred 25 Feb 2020, 13:52

Desktop seems a cache issue, because it's ok now

Alessandro Paolin 16 Mar 2020, 19:20

Hello my support is finishing in a few days and i am still having multiple problems on the website i am sending you pdf of the problems website


Fred 17 Mar 2020, 13:26

1. Blog - fixed
2. Newsletter - was wrong permissions for the folder /modules/pspagebuilder/controllers/front (not theme's problem but yours)
3. Fixed.
4. Language changing blog error is reported to the module developer and we are waitron for an update
5. you have a couple of themes in the "themes" folder. I have checked you have the latest version. So just ignore that
6. Yes, Prestashop version

Fred 17 Mar 2020, 17:00

1. Subscription works fine https://take.ms/MEE5d

2. Blog is fixed
3. Add to cart and Remove from cart works fine for me https://take.ms/mM7Lp

Alessandro Paolin 17 Mar 2020, 17:44

Hello thanks for the update waiting for your update concerning language problem

Fred 17 Mar 2020, 17:51

We update the theme once the issue will be fixed, so the fix will be available with one go the next updates