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Ticket #16781 - Want to show all product attributs in product miniature

Hi, and thanks for your awesome theme.

I want to activate multiple attributes on thème setting. Fot now I can only activate one at a time.
I want to show color, size and other attributs of combinations.

My final purpose is to add attributs to <articl ></article> on product.tpl to extend isotope.js and filter on this attributes.
like data-attributs=”all-my-atts-number-separate-by-dashes”

Could you help me on this point ?

Thanks and best regards



Fred 13 Feb 2020, 12:28

Hi, LEFAURE Jean-Michel.
Thank you for the compliment.
We have too much support ticket these days and not able for such kind of custom work, unfortunately.

LEFAURE Jean-Michel 13 Feb 2020, 13:16

I understand.
Could you just tell me if seems possible to you to activate multiple attributs on product details ?
By adding an array of value in a file or in database ?

Thanks and courage with all your support tickets

Fred 13 Feb 2020, 21:19

What I can tell you for sure it requires some time, there is no fast solution. But of course it's possible, I suppose