• Priority: High
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 04.03.20, 12:35
  • Opened by: Marco Coppola

Ticket #16950 - AMP - Doesn't work checkout

when I click to checkout, I have HTTP ERROR 500.



Fred 04 Mar 2020, 19:19

Hi, Marko.
For now, AMP, unfortunately, is not compatible with new Prestashop module ps_checkout.
There are two ways to solve that
- disable AMP for checkout page in the AMP settings
- disable ps_checkout module and use separately payment modules like bank wire, PayPal, etc...

Marco Coppola 04 Mar 2020, 22:57

Are you looking for a solution?

Fred 05 Mar 2020, 09:51

Yes, of course. We will release it as soon as possible

Marco Coppola 05 Mar 2020, 10:17

Great! When there will be the new release? If in a week, I'm waiting for to release my shop in prod.

Fred 05 Mar 2020, 10:18

I have no idea, we didn't make it work yet, looking for a solution.

Marco Coppola 05 Mar 2020, 10:18


Fred 19 Mar 2020, 23:02

Hi, Marco.
May I use your installation to test out ps_checkout with AMP, we have a couple of ideas

Marco Coppola 19 Mar 2020, 23:15

Yes...you can all!

Fred 20 Mar 2020, 17:17

Could you please configure Prestashop Checkout module?

Marco Coppola 20 Mar 2020, 18:36

Sorry...but I don't have an account prestashop checkout yet.

Fred 21 Mar 2020, 12:13

Ok, I'll try myself

Marco Coppola 21 Mar 2020, 17:23

Ok..Sorry :(

Fred 23 Mar 2020, 18:57

I have tried to configure it locally, but it want work.
Are you going to use ps_checkout module? if so, could you please configure it?