Ticket #16962 - images too large on page product category

Hello, before asking, I searched the documentation as Fred told me, that I had to dimension the images of the products for the web. Now, when I browse the categories and for example I want to see all the articles in a category, I get giant images and I don’t know where I can change this setting to make them smaller ... thanks.


Fred 05 Mar 2020, 21:54

I'm not able to see that.
Please take a screenshot and give me a link

Gloria Franco Hernandez 05 Mar 2020, 23:37

as you can see in the video the image of the product is gian


Sin título.mov (904.9 KiB)
Fred 06 Mar 2020, 21:13

Please give me direct link, I can't find it

Gloria Franco Hernandez 10 Mar 2020, 10:53

for example:


No matter what category you choose, the photographs appear too large and pixelate ...

Fred 10 Mar 2020, 14:58

The issue caused by the module idxlopd
Try following CSS code to fix that:

.flex-container.grid-container {display: grid}
Gloria Franco Hernandez 10 Mar 2020, 21:12

Perfect, where should I add the code? thanks!

Fred 10 Mar 2020, 21:13

Theme Settings → Customer CSS

Gloria Franco Hernandez 11 Mar 2020, 23:07

Perfect, now they are displayed correctly, but my question is the following ... can they be made a little bigger?

Thank you!

Fred 12 Mar 2020, 09:41

Go to Theme Settings → Category Page and adjust min width of item.