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Ticket #16986 - error con módulos

Hello again, I have been talking to the developer of custom cookie modules, fields in the user registry (in the two stores b2c and b2b) in which it tells me that it has registered an error in the modules (they stop working) because So in the section: Design » positions » hooks the inserts are removed ... we have had this problem several times and they tell me that it could be because of the template ... this will also have to do with the mistakes of AMP?


Fred 10 Mar 2020, 14:52

Hi, Gloria.
There is a lot of text but it's hard to understand what's the problem.
Could you please say in two words what module and where doesn't it work?

Gloria Franco Hernandez 10 Mar 2020, 19:01

The modules fail because in the hook positions they are not stored in the template ... it seems that the template does not keep the changes or the positions of the modules within it.

Fred 10 Mar 2020, 19:15

The template doesn't manage modules positions.
I still do not understand your problem. Could you please take a screenshot or record a video?