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Ticket #17921 - problems with lazyload in catalog pages when switching to page 2

i have few problems with your theme
i have one or two errors in the console and i don’t know what it

then it’s look like there is a problem with lazy load when switching to page 2 of catalog page
the images get stucked with the preloader image

could you help?


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Fred 16 May 2020, 11:04

Hi, Francesco.
1. Facebook console error is eliminated
2. I have no idea where it comes from. There is no such error in our demo. Maybe one of your modules generates it

Francesco Capodagli 16 May 2020, 23:58

i tried disabling all third party modules and all overrides from performance page but the error is still there
is it possible to find from where it comes?
can you help me?
thank you
kind regards

Fred 17 May 2020, 09:17

As I can see you have Classic theme enabled now, and that console error is still there https://take.ms/NMpiD