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Ticket #18161 - Mobile menu doesn't work on product pages

we’re finally at the end of development for this website and only now I’ve noticed that the mobile menu doesn’t work only in the product pages.

It works fine in homepage, category pages and cart page.

Can you please help me to fix this issue?


Stefano Becheroni 29 May 2020, 11:57

I have just noticed that also the dropdown menus of the header icons (language, account) aren't working in product pages.


Fred 29 May 2020, 23:18

I see an error caused by "an_productfields" module. Try to disable it

Stefano Becheroni 30 May 2020, 13:03

HI Fred,
thanks for your answer.
I can't disable the module, when I try I get an error.
Where do you exactly see that error you said?
In the Chrome console i see two error about the Google map, one error about an image missing and this other error that I don't undestand:

VM228:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

  at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
  at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (front.js:392)
  at Function.each (core.js:28)
  at m.fn.init.each (core.js:28)
  at serverCalculatePrice (front.js:390)
  at changeProductPrice (front.js:382)
  at anvantoPriceControllerObject.init (front.js:362)
  at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (front.js:233)
  at u (core.js:39)
  at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (core.js:39)
Stefano Becheroni 30 May 2020, 14:16

OK, I got it, sorry.
I'll contact the module developer

Fred 01 Jun 2020, 10:33

ok, let me know if you will need help