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Ticket #18359 - Infinite loop on Page Builer

Hi Marek,

I have a little issue with the page builder. I can’t make any changes. It charges indefinitely if i modify anything. I did try to uncheck the Async request box...

to clear the cache, try it from another browser. But it still doesn’t work.

Could you help me to fix that.



Fred 17 Jun 2020, 19:57

Hi, COTTE Jean Philippe.
I see the following error https://take.ms/DDJ5z

Access to this resource on the server is denied!

Please make sure files/folders permissions are correct for the folder /modules/pspagebuilder Read more here http://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#getting_started

Jean-Philippe Cotte 18 Jun 2020, 14:38

Hi Fred,

The permissions are all correct.

The module bugs only when I touch has html widgets on the page builder. I can modify blocks, create columns, add images without any problem but I can't modify html widgets. I can't change the text on the home page.(Alysum is a premium...)

Fred 18 Jun 2020, 21:11

I just added and modified HTML widget with no problem https://take.ms/xwXpl

Jean-Philippe Cotte 19 Jun 2020, 09:10

Yes, but could you try the same thing with a title balise or a <div>

I would like to keep the structure of the model (vertical line, title and text) of this html block. But it's doesn't work if i try to copy the code on a new html widget or if i try to modify the model.

Jean-Philippe Cotte 19 Jun 2020, 09:18

I've just done some tests and the problem happens when I try to center my text in htm ("text align : center;")
I Try to center directly from the settings of the widget (content alignement) and it seems to work.

Fred 19 Jun 2020, 10:13

it works in this way https://take.ms/ZNh6B

Jean-Philippe Cotte 19 Jun 2020, 10:15

Yes ! It was I did above ! Thanks

Fred 19 Jun 2020, 10:40

you are welcome

Jean-Philippe Cotte 19 Jun 2020, 17:59

Hi Fred,

I'm really sorry but i still have the same problmem with an other html block (cf attachment)
I Would like to use this 3 blocks and edit them changing text and image. But it doesn't work.

I've tried to modify the existing file, to copy the html and edit it on sublim text then paste it on a new html widget too. But nothing to do.
Still the infinite loop

as soon as you touch the html source code it crashes

If I duplicate the entire row, and want to save it after modify anything in html widget it crashes too.

I dont know how to fix this problem...

It is the same thing as I want edit an html on all the builder (sub-menu, page, header)

Could you help me ?



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Fred 20 Jun 2020, 21:09

Hi, Jean-Philippe.
When you click Save, the module make a request to one of it's file what gets blocked by your server https://take.ms/P7DwL