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Ticket #18363 - Filter menu on the left side of the products screen ...

Hello, good night ... I am looking at the category pages of the web and I would like there to be a side menu, with filters, by color, size, brand on the left side of the screen, now only the products of each category appear and It is a little sad the view like this and more if the products do not completely fill the screen ...


Fred 18 Jun 2020, 11:53

That is not related to the theme configuration.
Please make sure you have installed, enabled and properly configured Faceted Search module

Flavio Pezzini 14 Aug 2020, 10:36

I have the same problem, have you some suggestion on how to configure in the right way the Faceted Search Module?


Fred 14 Aug 2020, 10:39

There are thong complicated with that module.
First of all try to reset it.
Then go to module configuration and configure it as you need