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Ticket #18367 - Optimization CSS y JS

Hello again I have been reviewing the optimization of the template and of course there are two errors that are css and js. files that are too big or that make several calls, I don’t know if you can fix them ... he checked the documentation but it doesn’t deal with any similar issue ... attached capture


Captura de pantalla 2020-06-1... (276 KiB)


Fred 18 Jun 2020, 10:46

sorry, but it's impossible to reduce the size of those files. I can only recommend you to uninstall every module what you are not going to use

Gloria Franco Hernandez 18 Jun 2020, 12:46

But the application checks the loading of the .css and .js of the theme not of the modules ... and gives me options to be able to optimize it ... but of course I don't want to break anything from the theme ...

Fred 18 Jun 2020, 21:42

the css file you have now is a combination of all module + theme. Please try my suggestion, I don't have another solutions

Gloria Franco Hernandez 21 Jun 2020, 20:56

I have passed the speed insights tool again and the errors it gives me from alysum modules or from js of the theme itself ...

Fred 21 Jun 2020, 23:31

What errors? Could you please give me some screenshot to let me understand what's wrong?