• Priority: High
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 21.06.20, 23:19
  • Opened by: Love Maremma

Ticket #18410 - AMP check-out doesn't work


I have some AMP Shopping Cart Issues. The check-out doesn’t work.
I have disabled the option “Re-display cart at login” , as you say in the documentation, but the check-out still doesn’t work.
Please try at https://acliphair.com/mobile



Fred 22 Jun 2020, 11:13

Hi, Love Maremma.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your back office and FTP

Love Maremma 22 Jun 2020, 11:35

Done, thank you!

Fred 22 Jun 2020, 12:27

as I can see you are using php 7.3. You have to downgrade it to 7.2 because 7.3 doesn't supports by prestashop yet

Love Maremma 22 Jun 2020, 15:52

I have downgrade to 7.2, but there are still problems. Can you please check?

Love Maremma 22 Jun 2020, 21:30

I have downgrade to 7.2, but there are still problems. Can you please check?

Fred 22 Jun 2020, 21:35

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Love Maremma 23 Jun 2020, 12:24

Hi Fred, thank you for your help.
I have test the mobile and there is still a message "impossibile aggiungere al carrello" even if the product is in the cart.
Please see the attached image.


Fred 23 Jun 2020, 19:00

Your website loads incredibly slow. Could you please fix that first, because I have to wait a couple of minutes every time I need to refresh a page

Love Maremma 23 Jun 2020, 19:55

I don't know how to do better than this. Please solve the problem. I have loose my client for this.

Fred 23 Jun 2020, 20:18

I can't waste time just waiting while your website will be loaded. Please fix that and then I'll continue with reported issue

Love Maremma 24 Jun 2020, 09:28

Dear Fred. Thank you very much for your help.
I have bought a theme for a client supposed to working.
This is the second time that the support has responded badly to my request for help.
I have loose my client and my work for this problem with mobile. He doesn’t want to pay the work for this problem.
The website isn’t slow. I don’t know why you have this problem and I can’t Fix it.
So please give me a working theme. Because I have pay for it.

Fred 24 Jun 2020, 09:56

Today it works much better.
As for support, we always reply to you within a couple of hours, I would not call this "bad support"
"Add to cart" function works fine now https://take.ms/AXaLu as for the product what you showed me on the screenshot it's just Out of Stock that's why you can't add it to cart

Love Maremma 24 Jun 2020, 10:50

Sorry Fred, I have the same issue with the red message on mobile

Love Maremma 24 Jun 2020, 10:56

Sorry, it was the cache. All is ok now, thank you

Fred 24 Jun 2020, 11:28

you are welcome

Love Maremma 26 Jun 2020, 09:51

Hi Fred, sorry for boring you again.
I have activated in AMP configuration show search icon, show cart and show account icon, because we need them. Please see screenshot parameters.png.
We need the login account and also that customers can see their cart.
Now there is again the problem adding product to the cart and also remove them. Please attached screenshot cart.png


parameters.png (179.1 KiB)
cart.png (1.92 MiB)
Love Maremma 01 Jul 2020, 23:24

Can you help me please?

Fred 01 Jul 2020, 23:51

Hi, Love Maremma.
I'm sorry for such long waiting to resolve the issue, but we are trying our best despite vacation and very limited internet connection.
I just checked out your cart and it works fine for me https://take.ms/2oHgC

Love Maremma 07 Jul 2020, 11:27

Fred, I'm sorry but we have again problem with the cart.
After some test, the cart write "Impossibile aggiungere al carrello" –>Unable to add to cart
And also sometimes it write "Impossibile rimuovere dal carrello" –>Unable to remove from cart
Please see 3 photos attached and a video. For us it is a really big problem now. Please found a solution.
I have loose the client and now I have problem with him because the mobile doesn't work.

Love Maremma 07 Jul 2020, 11:28



Fred 07 Jul 2020, 16:02

I can't reproduce the issue.
Tested out on iOS, Android and desktop browser.
What mobile browser do you use?

Love Maremma 07 Jul 2020, 23:15

If you do many times add to cart, remove, checkout, add to cart, remove, etc.. you have this issue.
Many people has told us this problem. It's frustrating. I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need to solve it.

Fred 08 Jul 2020, 16:56

I just make some tests and looks like your server stop accepts queries after several attempts (about 10-20).
Do you have access to server error logs to try to find out the reason?