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  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 24.06.20, 15:33
  • Opened by: Alessandro Paolin

Ticket #18437 - No VAT with options in AMP, Error 500 with 5.5.1 and others, No new interface, Page builder issues

Hi. Please, find attached all the problems with further information and screenshots. Here I summarize all the points (now the most annoying is the number 6 with VAT):

1. “Module Catalog”>“Module Selection” causes Error 500 - Not in the support?
2. Generating the sitemap causes Error 500, maybe due to “Simple Blog”.
3. Updating to Alysum 5.5.1 causes Error 500.
4. The module “Size Guide” looks causing some “Error 500”.
5. I don’t get the new interface “Theme settings” for desktop.
6. VAT not calculated in AMP (products with options)
7. Other minor problems.
8. Messages from Google Search Console.

Thank you for the support.



Fred 24 Jun 2020, 18:39

1. I have enabled Debug Mode to see the error messages and there are no any relations with the theme/module
2. Fixed
3. You have to install new Theme Settings 2020 module
4. Please make sure you have uninstalled previous version 1.0 and install the latest version 2.0.0
5. see #3
6. Please give me a link to a product what I can test out
8. AMP is valid by default. all issues cause by customer's content. Read more details in the AMP documentation http://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/amp/troubleshooting.html

Fred 24 Jun 2020, 21:45

I need to clarify, please check out the screenshot https://take.ms/lwuLf

Alessandro Paolin 24 Jun 2020, 22:15

Yes, 8.20 is with no VAT, but it should be 10.00 (with VAT)

Fred 25 Jun 2020, 09:28

now it's correct? https://take.ms/ns7gZ

Alessandro Paolin 25 Jun 2020, 09:39

6. I just notice this (I don't know whether it's ok or not): if debug mode is activated, the AMP version doesn't work on mobile and I get "Context Error Exception" (see the attached picture), but AMP on desktop works.

Alessandro Paolin 25 Jun 2020, 09:41

...sorry, here is the screenshot about AMP "Context Error Exception"


Alessandro Paolin 25 Jun 2020, 09:51

6. Just tested: 10,00 is correct (with VAT) but if you select the first and second options "Yes" and "Yes" the price you get is with no VAT (10,66 but it should be 13,00); select again "No" and "No" and the price is wrong 8,20 (with no VAT)

Fred 25 Jun 2020, 16:50

please try now

Alessandro Paolin 25 Jun 2020, 17:29

6. Great! Now it works perfectly. Thank you. I assume I will not lose this correction if I update to 5.5.1.

Fred 25 Jun 2020, 17:39

always keep a backup

Alessandro Paolin 29 Jun 2020, 11:16

Hi Fred.
I keep on having problems with "Theme Settings 2020 module" and installation of update 5.5.1.
Please find attached "ISSUES 2020.06.29.pdf" about this and other problems.
For issues not supported, could you provide an offer? Thank you


Fred 30 Jun 2020, 00:05

we have vacation right now. I can make you an offer on the next Monday when we will back to work