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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 24.06.20, 16:33
  • Opened by: Pascal Mondet
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Ticket #18438 - AMP - Issues on Tag


Version : AMP (only, it is working perfectly on Desktop version)

Where : All pages

What / Issue : Google Tag Assistant doesn’t detected any tag (see copy screen in th efile attached)

Current Parameter :

1- Promokit AMP settings :
Enable Google Analytics : Yes
Enable Google Tag manager : Yes

2- Module Google Analytic
Enable for Mobile
Google Analytics Tracking id : filled in
USer-ID : No
Hide IP : No

3- Module Tag Manager (CDC Google Tag Manager
- Disable for Mobile

4 - Module Google Dynmaic Remarketing
- Disable for Mobile


screenshot-support.promokit.e... (63.4 KiB)


Fred 24 Jun 2020, 18:04

Hi, Pascal.
Please make sure your google account is configured properly for AMP https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/9205783?hl=en

Pascal Mondet 24 Jun 2020, 18:18

Hi Fred

I did it, normally
⇒ Container Tag number GTM-WDDRJVC - Container Type : AMP

1- Promokit AMP settings :
Enable Google Analytics : Yes
Enable Google Tag manager : Yes

One thing is strange, a part of the AMP container, normally Google Tag Assistant should detected the Google Analytic number which is not the case. See screen copy attached in my previous message. Google tag assistant is saying ⇒ Where to optimize "add Google Analytics".

You can check with the Desktop version, all Tags are correctly detected


Fred 24 Jun 2020, 19:56

strange, it worked fine when we developed this feature.
Could you please try to configure it like described in google's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veycDpb5f24 (skip code installation part)

Pascal Mondet 26 Jun 2020, 11:00

Thank for your suppor Fred.

Having a look on the video and your code, it seems that :

GoogleTagManager :
> be not present in head as required
> be present in the body

Fred 26 Jun 2020, 22:44

I see. Sorry, but we have vacation right now, I'll back to you after July 6. Hope to file a solution asap

Pascal Mondet 07 Jul 2020, 18:00


I hope you've taken good times during your break.

This message to get back with the issue on Tag Manager


Fred 08 Jul 2020, 17:20

I just checked, there are no any options in that module. I have no idea what's wrong with that

Fred 08 Jul 2020, 18:26

Sorry, that is a reply for another ticket.

Fred 08 Jul 2020, 18:28

Working on the issue, hope to find a solution as soon as possible

Pascal Mondet 12 Jul 2020, 17:49

Hi Fred,

Once again, AMP version doesn't work at all.

From Google we can reach 1 page but when browsing everything is blocked.

Simulating from my desktop with dev google tool in mobile version,i'm getting error 500.

It's a mess !

Please help me urgently, I'll have big consequences as amp pages are already indexed by google and the otherr browser

Fred 13 Jul 2020, 12:50

Hi, Pascal.
I don't understand the problem. I just tried to search your store in Google and go to a link and all works fine for me, see the video https://www.dropbox.com/s/brgi3dwx68chqdf/RPReplay_Final1594637262.MP4?dl=0

Pascal Mondet 13 Jul 2020, 13:41

I just found that the issue comes from a new module installed (module configurator).

In order to let our customer havong a good experience I've disabled it, but you can activate it and you'll see the problem.

Fred 13 Jul 2020, 13:51

what is the module name?

Pascal Mondet 13 Jul 2020, 14:23

"Configurateur de produit" by DMConcept

Fred 13 Jul 2020, 14:30

our support doesn't cover issues caused by third party modules

Pascal Mondet 13 Jul 2020, 14:57

it is not enterely a third party modules issue.

it's an issue due to the fact that your theme doesn't support Prestashop One Page checkout 1.7 and we're obliged to redirect to Desktop version for the ordering tunnel.

This situation of redirection (301 or 302) create another big issue for serach engine and correct indexation. Reditection loops are considered as a big issue by search engine and let pages with far indextion.

Fred 13 Jul 2020, 15:57

I don't see One Page checkout there https://take.ms/eV5ZJ it's disabled now?

Pascal Mondet 13 Jul 2020, 16:34

I'm talking about AMP version and not the desktop version.

in the AMP setting the button "Force Loading desktop version for checkout" is enable and create a permanent redirection and Loopschain that is forbidden by all search engine.

Fred 13 Jul 2020, 16:35

Yes, but where I can see One Page checkout module? you wrote - "your theme doesn't support Prestashop One Page checkout"

Pascal Mondet 13 Jul 2020, 16:43

If I'm not wrong, the theme doesn't support Othe nepage checkout on AMP pages, if the button "Force Loading desktop version for checkout" is disabled

Fred 13 Jul 2020, 16:45

Can I update your AMP module to latest version?

Pascal Mondet 13 Jul 2020, 17:11

We've set up, following a previous request from you, a Dev environment for the Big tests.

I'm afraid on the impact of the design we've adapted and modification you did for us for more than 4 months.

Before trying it, could you please send me your updating process for checking if there are no risk on what is in production.

Fred 14 Jul 2020, 14:49

I'll send you latest AMP module version. But first I need to see the issue. Please enable One step checkout

Pascal Mondet 14 Jul 2020, 15:51


Current set up

Promokit AMP settings / General

Force loading AMP on Smartphones : Yes
Force loading AMP on tablets : yes
Force loading desktop version : No

Changing as requested
Force loading desktop version for checkout : No (was Yes before)

Fred 14 Jul 2020, 15:57

Yes, I see. But how to see the issue?

Pascal Mondet 14 Jul 2020, 16:49

Simulation on AMP - Mobile version

1) Put 1 product in the cart,
2) Click to follow next step of ordering,
3) you'll reach to a blank page meaning "error 500"

Fred 14 Jul 2020, 18:55

Yes, I see.
Please enable Debug Mode to let me see the error messages

Pascal Mondet 15 Jul 2020, 10:14


As requested, Debug mode is enabled.

Pascal Mondet 15 Jul 2020, 17:40

Hi Again

Did you found the issue ?

Fred 15 Jul 2020, 22:53

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Pascal Mondet 17 Jul 2020, 07:28

First of all thank you, it is really better now

After checking, 3 issues are visible.

1) A hook seems missing in the ordering tunnel for AMP

What : choosing destination point of delivery
Where :
https://bigbagmarket.fr/module/pk_amp/checkout "3. Mode de livraison"
- Screen copy : Tunnel Desktop ⇒ Closet Parcel point : Brussel Express Choose another
- Screnn copy : Tunnel AMP ⇒ Nothing appears

2) Promotion Code Missing
What : a Promote Code exists and it is shown in Desktop version but not in AMP
Where : https://bigbagmarket.fr/module/pk_amp/cart - Screen copy : Promote - AMP
- Screen copy : Promote - Desktop

3) Google DevConsole is showing 2 errors
Where : Ordering Tunnel
First Error Message :
log.js:258 [<amp-state> cartList] Failed to parse state. Is it valid JSON? SyntaxError: Unexpected number in JSON at position 243

  at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
  at nb (json.js:112)
  at Ab (amp-state.js:153)
  at vb.push.f.k.parseAndUpdate (amp-state.js:122)
  at vb.push.f.k.buildCallback (amp-state.js:83)
  at custom-element.js:477
  at new Promise (<anonymous>)
  at HTMLElement.Mi.b.build (custom-element.js:474)
  at li.f.build (resource.js:336)
  at Sj (dom.js:595)

Second Error Message :
checkout:473 Uncaught ReferenceError: bxParcelPoint is not defined

  at HTMLDocument.callback (checkout:473)


Tunnel - AMP.png (122.7 KiB)
Tunnel Desktop.jpg (69.5 KiB)
Promote AMP.png (95.2 KiB)
Tunnel Desktop.jpg (69.5 KiB)
Pascal Mondet 19 Jul 2020, 09:02


Do you have news on the issue ?


Fred 19 Jul 2020, 16:44

1. There is no such option by default "choosing destination point of delivery" do you use some module to add such functionality?
2. Yes we know and going to add it in further updates.
3. That is not a critical problem. we will try todo something with that

Pascal Mondet 20 Jul 2020, 08:17


1- Yes, it is Boxtal module which manage point of delivery for the shipping.
2- Oupps ! when ?
3 - it is enough critical that has an impact on the pagespeed.

Waiting for your help

Fred 20 Jul 2020, 09:49

1. Any third party module is not compatible with AMP by default. To make it work with AMP we have to extend AMP module what requires some time.
2. As soon as we can
3. Empty cart page is valid https://take.ms/g470H Google bots don't have access to customers cart with products

Pascal Mondet 20 Jul 2020, 14:37

Understood your points.

for the 1st point, it is a key point for selling by lettting customer choosing the destination point of delivery.

For the 2nd point, Making promotion on desktop and not available on mobile (AMP) it is forbidden by french law as well as Google where we display promotion to be used for attracting customers.

For the third point
Waiting for your feed back

Fred 21 Jul 2020, 13:22

1. but as I can see there is the same Delivery options in desktop and AMP
2. Ok, we will try to force implementing this feature as fast as possible

Pascal Mondet 21 Jul 2020, 14:47

1. Not really, in the desktop version you can directly :

a- see the destination point suggested, Name of the destination point
b- by clicking to the link, change the destination point to another. a map window is opened after clicking to the link where several destination point are displayed

Fred 21 Jul 2020, 17:08

I don't see such options https://take.ms/MgXMt how to find it?

Pascal Mondet 22 Jul 2020, 09:13

See file attached

It is displayed only when your order has a weight < 20kg.


Tunnel Desktop.jpg (69.5 KiB)
Fred 22 Jul 2020, 10:28

which products I have to add to cart to get delivery option? I have tried different bags but no success https://take.ms/EyFqsI

Fred 22 Jul 2020, 10:41

still don't see it https://take.ms/x2Zl1

Pascal Mondet 22 Jul 2020, 10:55

Put on your cart ⇒ Only 1 product with a quantity of 5 pieces.

If the order (cart) has a total weight over 20kg, the option of Destination point is not diplayed.

Fred 22 Jul 2020, 11:22

ok, what's next now? I see the same on both versions https://take.ms/AtQs5

Pascal Mondet 22 Jul 2020, 11:57

Are-you registred ? what is the customer account you're using ?

Fred 22 Jul 2020, 12:02

Yes, I'm registered under [email protected] email

Pascal Mondet 22 Jul 2020, 12:11

I've changed your shipping address who was wrong.

Pascal Mondet 23 Jul 2020, 10:53

Did you found the issue with after the update of your address ?

Pascal Mondet 24 Jul 2020, 09:50


Reminder !

Fred 24 Jul 2020, 19:45

I don't have access to your back office.
I need to disable JS compression in your back office and I need to know that module folder name (full path to the module)

Pascal Mondet 25 Jul 2020, 09:16

You Can access to BO user & psswrd are enabled

Fred 25 Jul 2020, 11:15

I need to know that module folder name (full path to the module)

Pascal Mondet 25 Jul 2020, 17:16

path to the module managing destination point.


Fred 27 Jul 2020, 11:19

I have tried to make it compatible but there is no fast solution it requires much more time. We are not able to provide such work for free

Pascal Mondet 28 Jul 2020, 12:31

Tell me what could be the cost as well as an 1 year maintenance contract with you.

Fred 29 Jul 2020, 13:05

it can take 1-2 hours to make it work, so the price is about 20-40 Euro