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  • Status: Assigned
  • Theme: Venedor
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 01.09.20, 21:28
  • Opened by: Ionut Iordache

Ticket #18993 - Amp Venedor cart Bugs

Hi there,

I have tested AMP theme for mobile.
I have descovered some bugs regarding basket.

I have followed few steps that I suggest you to follow to:

problem 1

1. Added 4 products in the basket.
2. Press on the round black circle from the bottom where is shown the number of the products in the basket.
3. We go to checkout, now I click on the header cart to check if my products are ok. (Picture 1.jpg)
4. Once there I want to add more products, and I click basket to add more products
5. Now I am in the basket, but instead to see my products, I see a ghosting product I didn’t put in my basket and only this one is visible, the rest of products no. (this product shouldn’t be there, Pictures 2.jpg, 3.jpg)
6. If I click X button from top right, the product goes away and the real product appears correctly (Picture 4.jpg )

  In case of more line products in the basket, they are nor visible until you delete the phantom product besides the fact there is an empty space under the phantom product which say there is more there. (Picture 3.jpg)

problem 2

When click on the header basket and want to delete some products, sometimes doesn’t work.
I don’t know the reason and the situation is not present all the time, just sometimes. Maybe is related with the phantom product.

problem 3

In the customer area I have some accordion elements I don’t need, currency and language.
My store is for my country only, and I don’t need these elements.
I don’t know how to disable these elements.

On your demo site there are some nice animations for the login area, cart area when delete all the products. In the version theme I have downloaded those animations are not present

I look forward for an answer how to fix these problems.



1.jpg (240.9 KiB)
2.jpg (156.3 KiB)
3.jpg (146.2 KiB)
4.jpg (225.9 KiB)


Fred 08 Sep 2020, 11:35

Hi, Ionut.
We currently working on a new AMP module version. hope to finish it within a week. Then I can make an update for you. Hope that's not critical and you can wait a bit

Ionut Iordache 08 Sep 2020, 19:50

Hi there.
No rush, I've done some research and I've noticed only some browsers have this problem.
The main browser in Android 10 is one affected. Now I see Chrome having problems but with phantom product at the end of the list.
I think it's about cache or something.

Fred 08 Sep 2020, 23:07


Ionut Iordache 17 Sep 2020, 00:02

Hi there,
Any good news?

Fred 19 Sep 2020, 13:15

Sorry for the delay.
Yes, the new version was released recently. I can install it for you.
but I need access to your server through FTP and back office
Right now I'm not able to connect

Status:      	Connecting to
Error:        	Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:        	Could not connect to server
Status:      	Waiting to retry...
Ionut Iordache 19 Sep 2020, 14:46

Hi there.
If I download the theme again, is in the package or should I download the module separate?
Besides of that I've done some modifications and I would like to preserve.


Fred 19 Sep 2020, 14:56

we didn't release the module in for the theme yet. I can install it separately

Ionut Iordache 20 Sep 2020, 14:06

If you give me the module I will install it.

Fred 20 Sep 2020, 14:43

1. unzip, upload to your prestashop and install the module https://www.dropbox.com/s/uip0t2u5ait3j12/pkamp.zip?dl=0

2. unzip and upload templates to the folder /themes/alysum/templates/mobile/ - https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg2mw5xcxe0efsa/mobile.zip?dl=0

Ionut Iordache 20 Sep 2020, 15:53

If you give me the module I will install it.