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  • Open Date: 09.10.20, 00:23
  • Opened by: juan cantu
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Ticket #19394 - AMP Google Search Console error

Google search console recognise this as an error of AMP and wont index this page


22.jpg (55.1 KiB)


Fred 09 Oct 2020, 10:52

AMP module has been developed respecting AMP requirements and coding standards. If you have a problem with specific page validation in most cases it caused by a content what you added to a page. Plese check out following items:

- Make sure the code of your content is clean and valid. You can use this tool to clean it
- Make sure every image in your code has necessary "width" and "height" parameters

juan cantu 09 Oct 2020, 19:03

You can use this tool to clean it? (which tool haha?)

all the erros i have is in regard of the screenshot i sended, something to do with an autogenerated code, its in most of the pages, i dont actually see any error because i dont know AMP standards , but Google for some reason does


amp error.JPG (58.4 KiB)
Fred 10 Oct 2020, 09:57

There is no any specific standards. Your code (product description) just must be clean. Look at the screenshot too see the invalid code https://take.ms/R8PIZ

You can make a test at this page https://search.google.com/test/amp

That is definitely not AMP problem

juan cantu 11 Oct 2020, 01:26

well i didnt modify anything in AMP just yet, this piece of code appears in all the pages of the mobile AMP version

Fred 11 Oct 2020, 10:07

Sorry, I forgot to mention that "code" means the description of your products, you have to put there clean text, but not a text with html tags like you have right now