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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 13.10.20, 17:34
  • Opened by: Alessandro Mancini

Ticket #19429 - Checkout error

Hi, I am no longer able to complete the purchase in the desktop version.
During checkout, after entering my name and surname, I receive the error as per the attached image.
Can you help me solve this problem?
Thank you.



Fred 13 Oct 2020, 22:22

as I can see the error caused by Google analytics module, try to disable it

Alessandro Mancini 14 Oct 2020, 11:03

By disabling the module the problem no longer occurs.
But how can I do to insert the Google Analytics code?

Fred 14 Oct 2020, 11:06

I need to check what was wrong with analytics module, back to you as soon as I'll have any news

Fred 14 Oct 2020, 14:22

I have enabled it back and not able to get an error. I have purchased a product with no errors https://take.ms/0ObbJ