• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 22.10.20, 18:03
  • Opened by: Anonym04

Ticket #19535 - Revolution Slider and changes of Smarty vars breake site

Hello Good People from Promokit,
we have a scheduled delivery on Friday for our Shop but the homepage is broken

Our Revolution slider keeps Spinning on the Home Page.

We have tried following Solutions:
- default back to alysum homepage from layout Bilder
- reset Revolution Slider
- reinstall Alysum 5.6.0
- clear caches in preformance settings in prestashop

Not one of these solutions has yielded any results :( We do not know how to continue
Please help us make the slider reappear.

We have found following errors in the JS Konsole:
In the Preview Menu for the Slider:

Uncaught ReferenceError: SdsJsOnLoadActions is not defined

<anonymous> https://www.schnoorkonditorei.de/neu/admin2262jevno/index.php?controller=AdminModules&token=20d795e1f8bad475a4a45c477c76b79a&configure=revsliderprestashop&module_name=revsliderprestashop&tab_module=front_office_features&action=revsliderprestashop_ajax_action:320

The Dev for the matomo addons has written: Check that the module does not produce a php error. If one of your module profoundly changes the smarty variables of your prestashop, then, it is possible that the module produces a php error. (run in debug mode and check your server logs) Check that the module is properly anchored to the following essential hooks: actionFrontControllerSetMedia displayBeforeBodyClosingTag Check that the /modules/matomoanalytics/views/js/matomo17.js file is correctly loaded. Try changing the order of execution in hooks.

I have attached the threads where the devs says, that the themes hooks are either not correctly anchored or that there are braking changes in smarty
https://addons.prestashop.com/en/customer-messages-detail.php?id_thread=843957&type=community&token=5f7f0469876f7 https://addons.prestashop.com/en/customer-messages-detail.php?id_thread=843957&type=community&token=5f7f0469876f7

Thank your for your help


Fred 22 Oct 2020, 19:53

Hi, Anonym04.
Revolution slider works fine for me https://take.ms/WO9xo

Where I can see the issue?

Anonym04 24 Oct 2020, 18:11

Im so sorry. I forgot to mention that this test server has a different url. Please see the revised data in the backend. If you deactivate matomo the slider will work again

Anonym04 24 Oct 2020, 18:13

I could not change the shop url just the admin url

Fred 25 Oct 2020, 10:06

I have updated the url.
As for the module, try to reinstall it. It worked find in your previous prestashop instance, right?

Anonym04 26 Oct 2020, 19:06

No it did not. Reinstalling the slider did not help last time as long as the matomo is activated

Fred 27 Oct 2020, 11:31

updated file is