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Ticket #19908 - Translate newsletter Form

Hello Alysum,

I need your guidances about translate newsletter form widget.
I try to gind it out but wut without success.

Do you know the path or location of this widget in translations ?

Thanks in advance




Fred 20 Nov 2020, 16:37

Hi, Valerie.
That is part of Page Builder. Go to Translations → Modules → Page Builder

Valerie Valentine 25 Nov 2020, 15:50


When I follow this path, I arrive on a page with mulitples modules choices but when I choose one, there is nothing to translate.

(See captures attached)

Waiting for your help


Fred 26 Nov 2020, 13:16

please read the warning message you have at the screenshot translate-module-1.JPG

Valerie Valentine 30 Nov 2020, 15:10

Hello Fred,

I will ask to increase php configuration

If you think after that it will be possible to translate module, you can close the ticket

Have a nice day

Fred 30 Nov 2020, 23:16

let me know if you have access to translations now

Valerie Valentine 08 Dec 2020, 14:37

Hello Fred,

Sorry for the delay, php config has been increased.

I was able to translate it in path you told me.

You can close this ticket

Thanks for the help

Fred 08 Dec 2020, 16:14

Great! You are welcome