• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 21.11.20, 11:13
  • Opened by: Elie Naulleau

Ticket #19918 - AMP : weird url associated to logo

In my AMP version of the shop, when I click on the logo in the header, I get a 404 because the url is the following :

I wonder where to change this or where it comes from.

I tried the AMP Home page template editor and the settings but could not find a way.

Thank you


Fred 22 Nov 2020, 10:20

Hi, Elie Naulleau.
As I can see the logo URL is correct https://take.ms/xxz0x

How to see the issue?

Elie Naulleau 22 Nov 2020, 10:24

Hi Fred,
To see the issue, the start url must be : https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/mobile to get the AMP pages.
The url of the logo is then https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/fr/module//home instead of https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/ or https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/mobile/ E.

Fred 23 Nov 2020, 16:23

Can I update AMP module to the latest version?

Elie Naulleau 23 Nov 2020, 16:34

Yes you can. I have just made a backup. I have disabled AMP module in the Theme Settings but you can re-enable it when required. Thanks.

Fred 24 Nov 2020, 13:25

The module is updated but nothing is changed. You have something wrong with your URL's configuration.
Did you modified something in URL's settings?
I newer seen the problem before, so it's definitely something wrong with your URL's

Elie Naulleau 24 Nov 2020, 13:34

I have the following modules running on the shop:
URLs utils (removing ids from urls)
SEO Expert
Friendly URLS are enabled in Prestashop.

You mean these modules could be incompatible with Alysum/AMP ?

I noticed that since upgrade to Alysum 5.7.0 (from 5.5.0), mobile responsiveness is better (without AMP enabled).
So I think I could decided to drop AMP. I just don't the impact on, sales yet.

Fred 24 Nov 2020, 13:59

Yes, we have redesigned header to make it looks like AMP