• Priority: High
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 07.01.21, 16:39
  • Opened by: Marco De Benedictis

Ticket #20394 - Module AMP don't work

Hi, I open this tiket because I had closed the previous one.

The AMP mobile website on the category pages does not show images and the product filter function does not work either. Furthermore, if you click on a product you are linked to a non-existent page with a link: https://motomorphosy.com/mobile/category/%7B%7Bamp_link%7D%7D, this link is created for all products.
The problem was found on both iOs and Android.



Fred 07 Jan 2021, 16:40

Hi, Marco
But we solved the issue in another your ticket, isn't it?

Marco De Benedictis 07 Jan 2021, 16:42

yes, it worked for less than 24 hours. In this time I have only inserted new products without touching anything else.

Fred 07 Jan 2021, 16:43

I have disabled SSI support option now all works fine https://take.ms/IMDfG

Please check it out, it should be disabled

Marco De Benedictis 07 Jan 2021, 16:47

I just tried, it doesn't work.
SSI support is disabled

Fred 07 Jan 2021, 17:00

I don't understand how it's possible. Need some time to find a solution.
But 99% the problem in your server configuration but not in the theme. I see the issue first time ever

Marco De Benedictis 07 Jan 2021, 18:13

Hi Fred,
if you can figure out what's wrong with the theme or server that would be great. I need to have a working AMP. In the meantime I leave the AMP module active but I don't force the amp on mobile.
If you can, write to the server support and then tell me if there is an extra cost.

Fred 10 Jan 2021, 13:58

Do you have an option to change your web server from Nginx to Apache?

Marco De Benedictis 10 Jan 2021, 23:07

Hi, mine web server is already on an apache server

Marco De Benedictis 10 Jan 2021, 23:14
Fred 11 Jan 2021, 10:19

As I can see in your website source come you are using Nginx - https://take.ms/Xd6C6

Please ask your hosting provider to switch you to Apache

Marco De Benedictis 11 Jan 2021, 11:35

Hi Fred,
My current hosting is causing me problems on the apache server. Do you have to recommend a new hosting where to transfer everything?

Fred 11 Jan 2021, 11:49

You can ask them to disable SSI - http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_ssi_module.html

Marco De Benedictis 11 Jan 2021, 11:55

how do i show it is active? on the plesk it is not checked and is not active

Fred 11 Jan 2021, 11:55

I have no idea, try to ask hosting support

Marco De Benedictis 11 Jan 2021, 15:30

hi Fred,
they told me that if they disable SSI I will not be able to use any SSL certificate.

Fred 11 Jan 2021, 15:58

I have no more ideas. You are only one with this issue and as I have found out that's because of enabled SSI (not SSL)

Marco De Benedictis 11 Jan 2021, 17:52

Hi Fred,
the SSI support is disabled but AMP keeps giving error.

Fred 11 Jan 2021, 18:13

Could you please try another hosting, just for a test?

Marco De Benedictis 11 Jan 2021, 18:21

I don't have others servers, I should buy them. I have only one site for my business.

Fred 11 Jan 2021, 18:22

I have no more ideas. You are only one with this issue. The problem definitely with your hosting

Marco De Benedictis 12 Jan 2021, 09:31

ok, for now I will keep the AMP module inactive.

Fred 12 Jan 2021, 09:34

Ok, sorry about that