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  • Status: Closed
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 18.01.21, 11:16
  • Opened by: Lynda
  • Closed by: Fred
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Ticket #20489 - URL issue

Hi Fred !

I have a duplicate content issue because of URL problem in homepage source code. On language selector, the link on english flag is https://www.kalyca.fr/en/?controllerUri=index instead of https://www.kalyca.fr/en/. This two links point to the same page, so it creates a duplicate content issue. It’s OK on french link and on the other pages (except the blog ticket #20447).
How to modify this url, please ?
Thank you.



Lynda 20 Jan 2021, 16:01

I think I have found the code that generates the bad link in this file : modules/ps_languageselector/ps_languageselector.tpl, but I am not competent for fix this problem...


Fred 20 Jan 2021, 18:38

Hi, Lynda.
We have tested out the theme locally and in out demo server and didn't find such problem.
Maybe you have changed something in your URL settings?

Lynda 20 Jan 2021, 20:56

Me, no. Maybe you have changed this settings due to ticket 20447 : https://support.promokit.eu/?do=details&task_id=20447&project=3

Lynda 21 Jan 2021, 10:53

There is the same issue on all language links on this Alysum Prestashop site : https://www.annedelona.com/fr/

Fred 21 Jan 2021, 11:51

1. No, that is not related
2. Where did you get that link? There is no such issue in our demo https://alysum5.promokit.eu/en/

Lynda 21 Jan 2021, 13:10

It's the webshop of your customer Jean-Marie SAMEC that I found here : https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=details&task_id=20514&project=3&order=lastedit&sort=desc

Fred 21 Jan 2021, 13:11

Ok, I see.
We will check it out
P.S. Thanks for the awesome review!

Lynda 10 Feb 2021, 15:21

Hi Fred !

Since the update, I have the issue on english and french flags links.

Fred 10 Feb 2021, 17:17

strange, we also added all fixed into the theme.
Could you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

Lynda 10 Feb 2021, 18:16

This issue is in homepage, blog and CMS pages.

Fred 11 Feb 2021, 16:59

Hi, Lynda.
I don't see the issue, maybe it was a cache?

Lynda 11 Feb 2021, 18:47

Hi Fred.
What do you see in langage flags links on this page : https://www.kalyca.fr/fr/ (lines 661 and 666 of source code) ?
Semrush also sees the issue (screenshot).


Fred 12 Feb 2021, 12:02

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change
Updated file is

Lynda 12 Feb 2021, 13:52

Thank you very much for the fix ! I copy the tpl file to my child theme to not delete it at the next update.

Lynda 13 Feb 2021, 22:35

Language selector doesn’t work properly.

Lynda 16 Feb 2021, 21:36

Language selector always links you to the homepage,
even if we are on another page.

Fred 16 Feb 2021, 22:14

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change
Please keep a backup of this file to prevent issues in future /themes/alysum/modules/pkheaderitems/views/templates/front/headeritems.tpl

Lynda 17 Feb 2021, 21:38

That's good. Thank you, Fred !

Fred 17 Feb 2021, 21:44

You are welcome!

Lynda 06 Mar 2021, 10:51

Hi Fred !

I also have the problem in contact page : https://www.kalyca.fr/fr/contact.

Fred 07 Mar 2021, 12:07

But what is the problem?

Lynda 07 Mar 2021, 13:46

The problem is the flag link of language selector. There is "?controllerUri=contact" at the end of URL. You fixed this issue on homepage and CMS pages but there is the same issue on contact page.


Fred 08 Mar 2021, 12:35

Please try now, should be ok.
Updated file is /themes/alysum/templates/mobile/modules/ps_languageselector/ps_languageselector.tpl

Lynda 08 Mar 2021, 18:12

It's OK for the french but not for the english flag.


Lynda 14 Mar 2021, 09:47

Could you fix that please ?

Fred 14 Mar 2021, 10:06

I'm sorry, I lost the ticket. I'll try to find a solution today or tomorrow

Fred 14 Mar 2021, 17:01

Please check it out now.
Keep a backup of this file /themes/alysum/modules/pkheaderitems/views/templates/front/headeritems.tpl

Lynda 14 Mar 2021, 17:59

Thank you, Fred !

Fred 14 Mar 2021, 18:23

You are welcome!