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Ticket #20665 - Custom fields in Product Page

I am looking for a module to add some custom fields in the product page, apart from the description. But it can’t be displayed in “Tab mode”, as my client wants a different layout.

I am looking at this module:


But I was wondering if you know if it is compatible with your theme or if you recommend any module that does the same function and works well with Alysum.


Antonio Barroso Díaz 04 Feb 2021, 14:18

I'm also looking at a module with Elementor integration for product description.

Something like this:


Do you think this will work well with Alysum?

Fred 04 Feb 2021, 17:29

Hi, Antonio Barroso Díaz.
We didn't test Elementor module personally but I have seen it multiple times in our customers websites with our theme.

Antonio Barroso Díaz 05 Feb 2021, 10:16

Hi Fred! I just bought the module and it's working just fine in most cases, but not in product description or category description. In this areas, i get this error message:

"Sorry, the content area was not found in this page. This position is not supported by your theme, or your site is in Maintenance mode."

The store is not in Maintenance mode.

Do you know if it's possible to enable this specific positions in order for the module to work in this areas?

Kind regards,

Fred 05 Feb 2021, 10:25

I have no idea. Please ask module developer first

Antonio Barroso Díaz 05 Feb 2021, 16:35

Ok, I solved it. I just need to add category description in the page builder in order for the module to work. Thanks!

Fred 05 Feb 2021, 16:39

Thanks for sharing the solution