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  • Open Date: 09.02.21, 14:53
  • Opened by: ERIC NATHAN

Ticket #20708 - Search bar omits keystrokes

Hi Fred,

On https://www.plateformeexportmedical.com/, when I use the searchbar and the module indicates it is searching, some keystrokes do not register.

To replicate:
For instance, if I type “Fauteuil”, wait a few seconds, then type “dentaire”, it will only register “Fauteuil denre”.
The issue does not appear when using a different browser than Firefox, so I thought it might be linked to Firefox’s cache.

Is there any way to avoid making users clear their cache before being able to properly use the search bar?



Fred 10 Feb 2021, 18:50

Hi, Eric.
Sorry for the delay.
I have tested the search out in different browsers and it always works the same, here is the result of "dentaire" search after "Fauteuil" - https://take.ms/xXqkf

ERIC NATHAN 12 Feb 2021, 14:17

Hi Fred

Thanks for your answer.
My message was not clear enough: you have to type "Fauteuil", wait a moment, then type "dentaire" after "Fauteuil".
Hence, the search will be "Fauteuil dentaire", not "Fauteuil" then another search with "dentaire".
The issue is that if you type too fast, the search bar won't register all your keystrokes.

The image shows the result when typing "dentaire" after "fauteuil", when you wait one or two seconds between typing the two words.


Capture.PNG (34.8 KiB)
ERIC NATHAN 13 Feb 2021, 11:38

Fred, What I meant, is when you use the search bar, it activates some code that slows down your typing. As a result some letters are missing in the search.

Fred 13 Feb 2021, 11:47

Hi, Eric.
I see how it works, it tries to load suggestions, but that is a native prestashop option. But I don't see described issue, tested out in Chrome and Safari browsers.
What browser do you use?

ERIC NATHAN 13 Feb 2021, 13:20

I use firefox,
Anyway tell me if you have any ideas.

Fred 14 Feb 2021, 20:29

Could you please test it out now? I have updated search script

ERIC NATHAN 15 Feb 2021, 14:53

Hi Fred !
The letters are not missing anymore, but no suggestion appear while searching.
Sometimes one pops up but most of the time no suggestion appears. I tested it on Firefox, Chrome and Edge

Fred 16 Feb 2021, 12:14

It works for me https://take.ms/i0ZM0