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Ticket #20748 - Pagination

Hi Fred.

Apparently there is a problem in the pagination of the web. If you go to the store page on page 3 you will see that no items appear and on 4 and 5 few appear. Can you see what happens please.

I also wanted to ask you if there is a section in the theme to show only discounted items or if you have developed a module that does this function.


Fred 12 Feb 2021, 11:48

Hi, Alexandra Santana Morales.
Could you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

Alexandra Santana Morales 12 Feb 2021, 13:18

Hi Fred, yes:
If you see all the products, just try turning the page because it does not always happen on the same page of the pagination

https://yogijeans.com/inicio-2?page=4 https://yogijeans.com/inicio-2?page=5 https://yogijeans.com/inicio-2?page=6

Fred 12 Feb 2021, 14:28

I'm not sure that's the theme's issue.
Do you have an option to switch to Classic prestashop theme and test the problem there?