Ticket #20964 - Second Store Load presets & menu builder problems - Multistore

Hey team,

I am coming to you today because I have a problem with the second child theme which is impossible for him to configure.
Let me explain, when I choose a Preset, no block, no layout is put in place (except the homepage a little if I deactivate the Builder). I tell myself that this is not too serious, thanks to the builder I could build as I see fit. Unfortunately for me, it is impossible for me to set up a layout for the menu for example (I built a layout with the name: “new head” but no effect when I activate it, I put in theme setting Header builder to on).
No preset seems to work fully (only on this second store) when importing.
I specify that I have emptied the caches if ever and that I tried all the presets available ... However on my first store no problem.
When I activate debug mode (which I will leave deactivated so that you can see the errors) a set of errors appear.

Here is the url of the second store: https://dev.avenuedeleau.com/comapsmarthome/

Do not hesitate if you need more information.
Wishing you a pleasant day,
Best regards,


Fred 05 Mar 2021, 17:21

Hi, Delaire Frédérick.
I need some details.
As I can see you have some parts from the newest Venedor version 3.3 and some parts is from 3.2.
How did you update the theme?

Delaire Frédérick 08 Mar 2021, 09:49

Hi Fred,
Yeah I made the update following the instructions given in the HTML doc of the theme (documentation.html). But I noticed that I had 2 Theme settings (I deactivated the old one), but the modules I have them update next.

Fred 08 Mar 2021, 17:00

Can I update whole theme files? and reset Page builder?

Delaire Frédérick 08 Mar 2021, 17:05

Yes of course, no worries, but for the Page builder could you save them? Because my first site is fully configured for its launch scheduled for the weekend... :p.

Delaire Frédérick 08 Mar 2021, 18:17

Double send error sorry

Fred 09 Mar 2021, 21:11

Sorry for the delay.
Now it seems works fine. I didn't reset the Page builder

Delaire Frédérick 10 Mar 2021, 15:48

Hello Fred,

Thank you for your intervention, however the problems persist :(.
When I import a new preset (Darkcyan for exemple), it does not work and no layout is loaded (neither the homepage nor the slider ...).
As well as the activation of the "Header Builder", which does not work too (I have a layout in the header but it is not displayed, only the basic menu).

Do you have an idea ?
Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Fred 10 Mar 2021, 23:02

What do you mean by "don't work"? nothing appears in the layout?
There are only couple of lappets available in Page builder, for example for Venedor skin. For Dark Cyan we are using native prestashop modules configuration.
You can create your own layouts, that's pretty easy

Fred 10 Mar 2021, 23:03

if you really need that, I can create a layout for you

Delaire Frédérick 11 Mar 2021, 12:27

Hello Fred,

When I say that it does not work, it is because before when I clicked on DarkCyan, Venedor, ... That is to say that if I load the DarkCyan Preset, I should at least have this rendering (picture1).

In this story my MAJOR problem is that I would like to make my own personalized header myself, the problem is that I put "Header Builder" on on, it does not change that my menu is not at all the layout that I saved beforehand.

So my most important problem: Why when I choose custom header it is not displayed? (Cannot get "Header Builder" to work)

Second problem: Why, when loading a preset, no change is made (example: I choose the Venedor preset for my second store, I have it saved and I have no graphic rendering, nor any pre-loaded block. However for my first store I did the same manipulation and a "template" resembling the image of the preset it is loaded)

I do not know if I am explaining myself correctly?
Thanks for your help Fred


picture1.png (215.1 KiB)
Fred 11 Mar 2021, 20:13

I see you have enabled Mulistore. Which shop I need to check out?

Delaire Frédérick 11 Mar 2021, 20:19

Yes I tried to indicate it in the title :).
The second please (Comap Smart Home). The first one as I told you previously, is already ready, everything worked great for her. On the other hand for the second (Comap Smart Home) it is quite the opposite.

Fred 12 Mar 2021, 10:39

I have created dark cyan layouts. can I switch to dark cyan preset in the theme settings?

Delaire Frédérick 15 Mar 2021, 09:58

Hello Fred,

Of course you can. But can you look at the problem with the header layouts?

Thanks Fred

Fred 15 Mar 2021, 10:27

Ok, I have switched to Darkcyan preset. Now I edit the file https://take.ms/6Etww but nothing changed in the front page.
Is the path correct?
I have cleared the cache but it doesn't help

Delaire Frédérick 15 Mar 2021, 10:33

No the correct file is located here: /dev/themes/comap... (For the second site).
But I don't go through here to modify the header, but by the builder included in the venedor theme (but I think you guessed it)

Fred 15 Mar 2021, 13:51

Now it's clear. And that is the main reason of problems.
I have updated files in the "comap" folder, but there is seems some cache enabled, what I can't find. Because new files doesn't applied

Delaire Frédérick 15 Mar 2021, 14:39

Ok Fred, thanks for updating the Comap child theme

However the server is brand new, the installation is recent too. I haven't enabled caching on the site either. There is no server cache. Do you think that second child theme might be the problem? However, I proceeded in the same way for the first (Avenue de l'eau) as for the second (Comap Smart Home) child theme.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix the problem? Because I regularly develop Prestashop, but now I don't even know where to start?
Reinstall Prestashop? Reinstall the theme? When could the server cache without any instructions? Especially given the errors that go back in debug mode, I have the impression that Smarty is the bug more precisely, am I wrong?

Fred 15 Mar 2021, 21:45

if you have no content and it's not a problem to re-install all from scratch, that would be most simple and correct way.
Please try and let me know in case of some problems.
All should be fine, we have tested out the latest Venedor theme version 3.3.0 many times

Delaire Frédérick 16 Mar 2021, 10:11

Hello Fred,

Unfortunately I would NEVER have the time to start over and start an installation from scratch. Because as I have already explained before I must deliver the site quickly and tell myself that "normally" there is no problem, it is not enough for me to venture into such a task. Because I regularly install Prestashop, and I do not see why this problem is not solved with your various interventions.

On the other hand, I am really disappointed to see that since now we have been exchanging a lot of messages, of course it is normal that sometimes we have to repeat ourselves ... But there ... it's been good from the beginning that I talk about " Multistore "that my problem SIMPLY affects the second store that I named" Comap Smart Home ". However I can see that you have also installed the "Dark Cyan" Preset on my first store !!! I told you that this store was ready for delivery ... Why did you make your "theme setting" in "All stores"?

So I ask you Fred, you who are the support of the Venedor theme, to find me the origin of the problem please regarding your theme and my multi store. Because it is clearly indicated that your theme supports multi-store, and I have the impression that there is a quack at this level.
I don't know if this can help you but for the second store I use a virtual url /comapsmarthome

On the other hand, sorry to repeat myself, but THANK YOU for not touching the first Avenue de l'eau boutique. If you want to intervene, please choose the right store at the top right and only choose "Comap Smart Home" thank you.

I take care of putting the backup of yesterday on the FTP & DB and I come back to you when it is done.

Fred 16 Mar 2021, 10:15

Ok, I see. I'll try to fix it as is today. Sorry for the inconvenience

Delaire Frédérick 16 Mar 2021, 18:08


I'm sorry but I still don't have a backup in place. OVH is surely having difficulties with their last fire.

Hope to come back tomorrow with better news.

Fred 16 Mar 2021, 18:20

Ok, waiting for you

Delaire Frédérick 22 Mar 2021, 15:10

Hello Fred,

Okay... Your mishandling cost me a lot of time. I really hope this time is good.

I finally got my backup, however we came back far behind. Can you intervene to resolve this problem? Because I still cannot have a personalized footer in the builder, it does not change anything (same for the header as well as the home page, on the homepage I still have the twitter module while in the builder we have nothing more For the twitter module story on the homepage I am talking about the site: Avenuedeleau and not Comap Smart Home).
Because you will understand, the bugs are now on both sites...

I will let you intervene as quickly as possible, because I have wasted too much time right now.
Don't spin this ticket around and help me please!

Fred 23 Mar 2021, 15:32

Can I access to your database through phpMyAdmin? I need to check the state of ps_pagebuilderprofile table

Delaire Frédérick 23 Mar 2021, 16:44

Of course, I'll let you recover the password directly in Prestashop (../config/settings.inc.php)

And here's for the rest of the information:



port 35857
Login: dev

Fred 24 Mar 2021, 14:40

Unable to connect - https://take.ms/i9fJv

Maybe would be easier to reset Page builder module it there is no important data

Delaire Frédérick 24 Mar 2021, 17:09

Are you asking me if there is no important data? No idea, except maybe what I was able to say above:
I have custom layouts for Avenue de l'eau (page, footer ...)
I just saved them so ever. So no worries about a reset if it only impacts the customs layouts.

For access to the database, everything works fine, I just planted myself on the path of the file with the config & the login but he is indicated on the file:
host: dn74289-001.privatesql
login: kiweerouge
password: in the file
port: 35857

Delaire Frédérick 24 Mar 2021, 17:13

We agree that this does not impact the submenus?

Delaire Frédérick 24 Mar 2021, 17:20

Have you made any changes in the meantime? Because everything works well (for customs layouts)

Fred 25 Mar 2021, 11:50

I didn't touch anything yet