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Ticket #20988 - Product list in Category pages


I am creating a new layout for the category pages through Page builder module. I have a doubt, which widget should I add to show a list of all products in that category like the default layout?

Thanks in advance


Fred 09 Mar 2021, 11:25

Hi, Gabriel Iglesias Castro.
Sorry, we looks like forgot to ad category page widgets into the Page builder module. I just fixed that - https://take.ms/LtJv1

Gabriel Iglesias Castro 09 Mar 2021, 14:02

Thanks, now it appears the category page widgets.

I have charged a layout for the category pages but in one of the categories it carries on appearing the rev. slider from the default category layout. I have attached a capture to show you this issue.


Captura2.PNG (322.9 KiB)
Fred 09 Mar 2021, 19:17

Go to revolution slider → category slider and change the hook or remove the ID https://take.ms/BI78B

Gabriel Iglesias Castro 10 Mar 2021, 19:47

Thank you,

Other issue which I have detected.

In the list of product of the category pages appears constantly over the miniature of the product the add to cart and search icon when it should only appear when it hovers the product images.

How can I modify this?

Fred 10 Mar 2021, 22:48

How to reproduce the issue? it works correctly for me only on hover

Gabriel Iglesias Castro 11 Mar 2021, 19:07

I send you a capture of the issue and a link of one of the category pages where you can see this problem.


It has to be something in the product miniature settings since in the product page footer, the miniatures of the "in the same category product list" it appears the icons over the images permanently as well.


Captura.PNG (540.4 KiB)
Fred 12 Mar 2021, 11:43

I'm sorry, but I still don't understand the problem. As you can see in my video all buttons over the image works fine https://mega.nz/file/ZBIxyAwK#EEqaI5FueJMG5Seqfs8I8ZXiOmIkkXQt0cSVzhs0MmU

Gabriel Iglesias Castro 16 Mar 2021, 12:36

Hi fred,

I don´t know why but now the icons are working properly, only on hover.

Thanks for your help

Fred 16 Mar 2021, 20:02