• Priority: High
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 23.03.21, 17:03
  • Opened by: Elie Naulleau

Ticket #21127 - after update 5.7.1 : purchase tunnel not reliable

I have latest prestashop version running ( and after I updated the Alysum theme (in hope that the AMP module would be fixed), I discovered that it is no longer possible to purchase anything on my shop.

For instance: pick a product, put it in the cart, then click on cart button to see cart content; it might work (sometimes 503 error), but then I you click on Order, I either go on the home page, either I get a blank page.

I have also observed errors in the js console, they look like jquery is not loaded. Strange.

I would appreciate your help!

Thank you


Fred 24 Mar 2021, 14:32

Hi, Elie.
Please try now, it should work

Elie Naulleau 24 Mar 2021, 18:15

Hi Fred,

I retried. But unfortunately I had the same issue (latest version of Chrome, Mac OS X).

Step to reproduce :
1) put some item in the cart
2) Click on the Cart (Panier)
3) Then click on Order (Commander) ⇒ Home page is loaded instead of order page (many error in JS Console)
4) If I click Order (Commander) directly from the popup cart, the browser goes to https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/fr/index.php?controller=404

Needless to say that emptying cache does not solve this. I emptied it tens of time.

Fred 25 Mar 2021, 10:57

Do I have to enable AMP to see the issue? because desktop order works fine https://take.ms/JyiKq

Elie Naulleau 25 Mar 2021, 11:07

No, AMP has been disabled for months (because of issues like when ready to order, the carts empties itself with AMP)

Yes I see you were able to put an order.

I did not have this chance a minute ago.

I just tried to order and when clicking on Cart, I got an empty page (see attached file). I reloaded twice the page with the same blank page. Before the test, I had emptied my browser cache just in case.
I gave it another try and when clicking on Order, I ended-up on the home page.

The purchase tunnel is very unstable :(

I have canceled the test order.


empty.png (34.7 KiB)
Fred 25 Mar 2021, 11:26

Strange but I don't see the issue.
Please enable Debug Mode and send me an error messages you will get

Elie Naulleau 25 Mar 2021, 11:55

I enabled debug mode, but it did not displayed relevant messages.
I had always this message, looking more like a warning message :"Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/happytos/www/override/classes/Dispatcher.php on line 571", which seems to be cause by the URLs utils / Pretty Url module.

I tried to click on Cart and I got once again blank page, but unfortunately no error message was displayed, neither on the page, neither in the JS Console. I went back on home page and tried Order button from Cart popup : I got a 503 error message :(

I tried to switch language to English and got a 404 and the following message from debug mode: [Debug] This page has moved
Please use the following URL instead: https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/en/happytoseeyou-shop

I tried the suggested url and got a 404.

I reloaded the page with https://www.happytoseeyou.fr/en/ and then it was OK.
All this with Chrome.

Now I have just made another test with Firefox and everything went fine in the purchase tunnel. I don't get it. There must be some kind of incompatibility between the one of the installed module and the theme.

Debug mode is now off.

I fear I may have to reinstall the shop from scratch.

Fred 25 Mar 2021, 11:57

as you can see the problems coused by third party file /home/happytos/www/override/classes/Dispatcher.php
That is not a file of our theme and not a native prestashop file. Some module put it there.
Please solved this problem first and let me know if the issue with order still exist

Elie Naulleau 25 Mar 2021, 12:13

I have solved the warning message from the module, it was just a warning.

Nothing changed after that.

Everything works smoothy with Firefox, under Chrome, the shop is unstable.

Behavior under Firefox is very different. For instance, switching language works. But under Chrome, I only get errors, the urls are different. This is hard to understand.

Fred 25 Mar 2021, 22:38

I see the problem, ut I'm not sure that's theme's problem. The theme doesn't manage URLs.
- Do you use a module what modifies URLs?
- try to switch to Classic theme and test it out

Elie Naulleau 26 Mar 2021, 13:51

Yes I use the module "URLs utils" that removes numericals ids from urls.
I have disabled it and emptied cache.
On Chrome Mac OS X, I again got a blank page from Cart to Order page after disabling URLs utils module.
But I had the opportunity to make a test on Chrome Win10 and it works fine there.
Also it works fine on Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X. It also works fine on Safari-iOS.
As a result I think you can close this ticket, it seems the issue comes from the Mac OS X version of Chrome, which is my default browser.
Thank you for pointing me the URL module possible interference. I think I keep it turned off since the shop seems faster without it.

Elie Naulleau 26 Mar 2021, 15:40

To illustrate firefox vs chrome, I attached a screenshot.


Fred 26 Mar 2021, 15:41

but here definitely something wrong with urls. You are first who report such issue

Elie Naulleau 26 Mar 2021, 15:43

The weirdest is that the same test is successful under Windows 10, comparing firefox and chrome, both work.
The urls are now untouched original prestashop url (!).