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Ticket #21221 - Problem with filters


I have a problem with the functioning of the product filters within the categories in this website https://www.babiek.es/

What happens is that when Im in my store within a category such as “jackets” https://www.babiek.es/5-chaquetas, and I use the side filters such as “cordura”, there are products from another category and not from the one that should come out.

Reviewing, we notice that this happens because when creating the category, it keeps the products from where you created it for the first time and does not show the others.

Here should show for example, the products with that category in jackets, not in pants.

Some days ago, i create another ticket for this and they said me, i have to disable the theme and try the problem, i try and the problem just happends with Allysum theme.

I hope you can help me with this as it gives my clients quite a bit of trouble.


jackets.png (693.2 KiB)
pants.png (429.2 KiB)


Fred 05 Apr 2021, 18:13

Hi, Sebastián.
The filter is a native prestashop module.
Could you please switch your store to Classic (default prestashop) theme and give me a link? I need to see how it works there