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Ticket #21263 - Question about mobile viewing

Good evening, today I installed a module for the automatic translation of product and category texts.

After translation, the site works perfectly from desktop but is no longer visible from mobile.

In practice, the translations negatively affected the AMP promokit module.
Attached I am sending you the server response error 500:

[09-Apr-2021 21:05:49 Europe/Rome] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function PrestaShop\Module\FacetedSearch\Filters\Converter::construct(), 3 passed in /home/freekysh/public_html/modules/pkamp/controllers/front/category.php on line 156 and exactly 4 expected in /home/freekysh/public_html/modules/ps_facetedsearch/src/Filters/Converter.php:81
Stack trace:
#0 /home/freekysh/public_html/modules/pkamp/controllers/front/category.php(156): PrestaShop\Module\FacetedSearch\Filters\Converter→
construct(Object(Context), Object(DbPDO), Object(PrestaShop\Module\FacetedSearch\URLSerializer))
#1 /home/freekysh/public_html/classes/controller/Controller.php(306): PkampCategoryModuleFrontController→initContent()
#2 /home/freekysh/public_html/classes/Dispatcher.php(518): ControllerCore→run()
#3 /home/freekysh/public_html/index.php(28): DispatcherCore→dispatch()
#4 {main}

thrown in /home/freekysh/public_html/modules/ps_facetedsearch/src/Filters/Converter.php on line 81

Is it possible to know how to solve the problem?

Thank you


Fred 09 Apr 2021, 23:07
Giuseppe De Cunzo 22 Apr 2021, 21:48

Good evening,
thanks i solved the category problem but i'm having another similar problem with the page builder.

I created static pages and configured the url for customization with the page builder. But now, after doing some translations, I can't see the pagebuilder content anymore .... I see the blank / empty page. What happened ?

Fred 23 Apr 2021, 10:57

Could you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?