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Ticket #21305 - My website does not work well in safari

My website does not work well in Safari.
I send you a screenshot attached.


Fred 16 Apr 2021, 10:58

Hi, Diego Fernández Matellán.
Go to Page builder and delete Instagram widget.
If you need to have instagram use the following steps
1. Uninstall and delete current instagram module
2. delete (if exist) "pkinstagram" folder from "/themes/alysum/modules"
3. Install new Instagram module https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcpyn1hx9iwgiwg/pkinstagram.zip?dl=0

Diego Fernández Matellán 16 Apr 2021, 19:17

After do that, my website is broken!
I send you a screenshot...
I need to restore the website ASAP...


Fred 17 Apr 2021, 00:00

Now it works. Looks like a cache issue

Diego Fernández Matellán 17 Apr 2021, 11:18

But now, it works bad in mobile...
I send you a screenshot.




Fred 17 Apr 2021, 11:31

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change