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Ticket #21309 - Cart not working in amp version

In amp version we cant finish the transaction because the button is still disabled after agreed to the terms and select one of the payment options.


Fred 16 Apr 2021, 10:38

Hi, Douscents Consulting.
Did you disable AMP, I don't see it here http://rizzola.miwebtemporal.com/

Douscents Consulting 16 Apr 2021, 10:49

Hi again, it is not the rizzola page we have 2 licenses. Is the entrecosmeticos page.

Fred 16 Apr 2021, 11:12

Ok I see.
Can I update AMP module?

Douscents Consulting 16 Apr 2021, 11:18

Let me do a backup just in case and i´ll tell you when its finished. One sec pls.

Fred 16 Apr 2021, 11:25


Douscents Consulting 16 Apr 2021, 11:33

It is ready, yo can update anything.

Fred 16 Apr 2021, 11:44

AMP module is updated, and the issue seem to be fixed

Douscents Consulting 16 Apr 2021, 12:18

I lost all the custom css for amp i had in the previousversion, can you tell me where i can find ti in my backup?

Fred 16 Apr 2021, 13:09

I saved previous amp module folder, go to

Douscents Consulting 16 Apr 2021, 13:13

Everything is working now, ty

Fred 16 Apr 2021, 13:19

You are welcome!