Ticket #21570 - Configure contact widget

As the Contact Form 7 module cannot work in AMP, we have thought of designing and using the contact widget you have for different pages. But we can’t find a way to customize it, since we need it to have more inputs.


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Fred 25 May 2021, 18:57

Any third party module is not compatible with AMP by default. We have "AMPified" all prestashop pages and our own modules for the theme but we are not able to "AMPify" every third party module.

Douscents Consulting 25 May 2021, 19:09

Yes, that is the reason why we are going to use the Page Builder of your template. There you see a widget called Contact Form (Display Contact Form). But we don't know how to configure the fields ...


We need that form, which is mounted in your Page Builder, to have more fields

The reason is that we need that on the web the forms we put in can be used in the AMP version, it is the only thing we can think of since it does not work with external contact modules.

Unless you give us another solution, because we need them to work from the mobile.


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Fred 25 May 2021, 19:14

The contact form widget is based on native prestashop module "contactform". The widget displays the same form fields as contactform module has.

We currently don't have free time for customizations