• Priority: High
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 31.05.21, 09:46
  • Opened by: Sophia Kulakova

Ticket #21592 - cart and product preview does not work

Hello, I have created a new website and adding to cart and product preview does not work for me. And after I switched to the standard theme, check if there is a problem in the theme, and turned the theme alysum back on, the product page does not open. I attach an error in the screenshot, it occurs after clicking on the preview. New website http://new.skulakova.beget.tech/ru/



Fred 31 May 2021, 10:33

Hi, Sophia.
But it works fine in your first website.
Try to reset the Shopping Cart module

Sophia Kulakova 31 May 2021, 10:44

the first site does not have a facebook module. I already discovered from your tickets that there is a problem with adding to cart in it. And when I disable it, the products are added to the cart, but the product page and preview still don't work. And I cannot delete the fb module, an error occurs

Fred 31 May 2021, 19:48

I see the following message by the new link

This domain is not linked to any directory on the server!
Sophia Kulakova 03 Jun 2021, 23:24

Yes, due to the fact that we could not find the error, we reinstalled everything. Now everything is in order and it seems there are no errors. But I edited the view of the category page, and the filter stopped displaying for me. And I would also like to make it horizontal, is there such a possibility? Here is a link to the new site http://new.amberheart.ru/ru/10-busy-iz-yantarya

Fred 04 Jun 2021, 10:54

Currently there is no way to have horizontal filter.
As for the layout question (missed sidebar) you have to go to the Design → Themes, find there "Configure your page layouts" and click on "Choose Layouts". You have to change layout for category page there

Sophia Kulakova 04 Jun 2021, 12:06

Yes, I have already selected the layout, but the filter is not displayed on the page. Empty space

Fred 04 Jun 2021, 15:26

Unable to login to your back office

Обнаружена одна ошибка.
Такого работника нет или пароль указан неверно.
Sophia Kulakova 05 Jun 2021, 08:54


Fred 05 Jun 2021, 10:55

It works with default category layout but now with Page builder category page. Can't find a reason yet. I have switch your category page to default layout for a while

Sophia Kulakova 05 Jun 2021, 14:38

yes i see when can you find the reason?

Fred 07 Jun 2021, 19:55

Hope soon. Strange issue, need some time

Fred 13 Jun 2021, 11:41

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change