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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 10.06.21, 14:36
  • Opened by: Alexandre Bertrand

Ticket #21667 - Can't update Promokit AMP & Promokit Header Items


I still have some major problems on the website :

- Sign is link not working (side register tab not showing)

- Side cart tab not showing

- Product category on hover image not working

- header links on home page are not on the right place

feel free to watch the screenshot when you have time


i’m still looking for a solution hope you guys help me when you have time please

Thanks in advance


Fred 10 Jun 2021, 17:17

1. I highly recommend you to move your layouts to Elementor, and disable old Page builder at all. New elementor is much faster.
2. I don't see the problem that you show in second video. Did you already resolved it?

Alexandre Bertrand 10 Jun 2021, 17:42

Yes i solved the problem of the second video. (block appearing after footer)

That means i have to move(homepage,category,product,header,footer) layout to elementor and build new layouts ?

I was using Elementor since a while i have a lot of pages i don't see exacly wich one do you have to choose for each layout

if you can give me a hint it would be very useful

Thanks again

Fred 10 Jun 2021, 18:00

You can keep using your current Page builder layouts, just want to let you know that Elementor widgets are optimised and has good performance

Alexandre Bertrand 10 Jun 2021, 18:04

I would love to use elementor layout but i don't know how to do exactly ! is there any explanation on the new documentation? and will it solve the problems i'm facing right now with the header and the page category ?

Alexandre Bertrand 10 Jun 2021, 18:13

I think i got it you mean i have to build a full page with elementor and select that page from theme setting layout! But now i would love to fix the Product image hover and the header so i can start a clean design.

Fred 11 Jun 2021, 12:19

is there any explanation on the new documentation? - we currently working on documentation update http://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation

But it's pretty easy to work with elementor.
1. Create a layout
2. Go to theme Settings and select your layout from the list for the home page/category page/product page/header/footer

Fred 11 Jun 2021, 12:20

What's wrong with product image hover?

Alexandre Bertrand 11 Jun 2021, 12:34

Image hover no longer working on category page,while on the home page is working !

Fred 12 Jun 2021, 11:02

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Alexandre Bertrand 12 Jun 2021, 11:31

The image hover issue has been fixed, Thank you.

I still did not find a solution for the item on header links on home page

Fred 13 Jun 2021, 11:20

Header is also fixed