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Ticket #21978 - Problems With AMP

We have been working without problems with your theme in a temporary domain josemanuelg12.sg-host.com where we have been developing the store

Now when changing the domain name to a previous one to the definitive test.elasdelascarnes.com we are having problems with the AMP module that does not work

We are also having problems accessing the theme configuration page, with continuous errors


Jose Manuel González Cívicos 21 Jul 2021, 10:57

You can see here the report we have on server. Thanks!!


error_theme_setting.jpg (378.7 KiB)
Fred 22 Jul 2021, 12:17

Hi, Jose Manuel González Cívicos.
1. As I can see on the screenshot, there is an error caused by "gamification" module (default prestashop module).
2. I don't have credentials to login to your back office https://test.elasdelascarnes.com/admin5644un5i4