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Ticket #21997 - Filters in AMP

Hi Fred, how are you?

I need the filters that appear on the sales page in computer version (https://yogijeans.com/productos-rebajados) to also appear on the sales page in AMP (https://yogijeans.com/module/pkamp/prices-drop)



Fred 23 Jul 2021, 08:04

Hi, Alexandra
Native Prestashop Faceted Search module works on Category page only

Alexandra Santana Morales 23 Jul 2021, 12:28

Hi Fred, it is not the faceted search module, it is a filter of the web categories.

If you enter the page you will see the difference in the filters of the categories and the mentioned page.

What I need is that the same filter appears in the full version and in the AMP version of that page, which is not a category, it has nothing to do with the category pages

Fred 25 Jul 2021, 15:14

Do you mean those filters? - https://take.ms/G3roz

Do you want to have the same list of items?

Alexandra Santana Morales 26 Jul 2021, 13:58

No, it is another filter. I show it to you in the attached image


filtro-yogi.jpg (120.5 KiB)
Fred 27 Jul 2021, 21:44

That is not a filter, that is a "category tree" module. You can enable categories filter in the Faceted search module.

Alexandra Santana Morales 28 Jul 2021, 11:14

Ok, and can you enable the category tree on this page? https://yogijeans.com/module/pkamp/prices-drop

Fred 28 Jul 2021, 11:20

There is no such option. It requires code customization. Currently we are not able to do that because of vacation

Alexandra Santana Morales 28 Jul 2021, 13:26

OK, from the message on the web I understand that after August 11 it is possible to add it?

Fred 28 Jul 2021, 21:21

I'm not sure we will be ready for custom work right after August 11. We have other more urgent work like bugfixes

Alexandra Santana Morales 23 Aug 2021, 12:04

Hi Fred, good morning. Could you already look at what I tell you in this thread?

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 19:04

Unfortunately, we don't have time for customisation now, sorry

Alexandra Santana Morales 14 Sep 2021, 11:53

Hi Fred, and now?

Fred 16 Sep 2021, 22:18

Sorry, but no. Maybe would be faster for you to ask prestashop community?