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Ticket #22001 - Google Map + Theme Update


We have a problem with Google map on our contact page.
We had recently similar problem with another instance (see in Ticket #21374) but we don’t know how did you managed to get it to work, so we need your assistance again :)

The map is here: https://ekgroup.pl/kontakt

Can you assist us with that?

The second question is about theme update and child theme.
Is there a way - paid if needed - for you to help us update theme that would make sure everything is OK?

Let us know :)



Fred 25 Jul 2021, 14:30

Hi, Damian.
You have too outdated theme. The updated will not be easy. We can try to help you but after vacation.
Really don't have time now

Damian Lewandowicz 26 Jul 2021, 08:19

OK, no problem with theme update, it can wait.
Can you at least help us with not working Google Maps on contact page? :)


Fred 27 Jul 2021, 08:48

Ok, now it seem to work
You can configure it in the file

Damian Lewandowicz 27 Jul 2021, 17:28

OK, map is working, thank you!
Waiting for your time to focus on theme problem ;)

Fred 16 Aug 2021, 12:58

Hi, Damian.
As for your request to updated the theme, we can try, but as I wrote before that will require to configure your shop once more with new modules.

Damian Lewandowicz 17 Aug 2021, 08:54

What exacly do you mean?

Should we update Prestashop first?

Fred 17 Aug 2021, 11:00

I mean I can update the theme for you, if you are ready

Damian Lewandowicz 17 Aug 2021, 15:02

Yes yes, what do you mean by that: "that will require to configure your shop once more with new modules."? :)

And do you think, that we should update Prestashop first?

Fred 17 Aug 2021, 15:14

Yes, better to update Prestashop first.
I mean some modules need to be reseted and configured once more