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Ticket #22013 - Color picker not working in mobile version

Hi Fred! I have a small problem with the color picker on the product page, only in the mobile version. When I click on one of the colors, the product image does not change.

I have two “Add to cart” widgets added in the page builder. Each one of them hides or displays depending on the screen size. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem.


Antonio Barroso Díaz 31 Jul 2021, 13:04

Hi Fred! Any news regarding this issue? Kind regards,

Fred 01 Aug 2021, 09:50

Hi, Antonio Barroso Díaz.
Sorry for the delay.
Could you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

Antonio Barroso Díaz 01 Aug 2021, 12:24

Hi Fred! it's still not working from my end. The issue is only in mobile version. To check the error, it''s not enough just to reduce the size of the window. You have to refresh the page to see it correctly. Or open the link on a mobile device directly.

I have also tried with different browsers and in incognito mode, but it doesn't work either.

Kind regards.

Fred 01 Aug 2021, 21:49

Yes, I see the issue on mobile. Strange because desktop version works fine. Working to find a solution as soon as possible

Antonio Barroso Díaz 06 Aug 2021, 10:57

Hi Fred! any news regarding this issue? Kind regards,

Fred 09 Aug 2021, 22:15

I'm sorry for the delay.
We have found out the "default" product page layout works fine. So the issue is somewhere in product page widgets. Need more time to find it

Antonio Barroso Díaz 25 Aug 2021, 11:37

Hi Fred, Any news? Maybe the problem is because I'm placing two "Add to cart" widgets in the same layout?

Do you know if placing two "Add to cart" widgets in the "default" layout is also causing problems?

Kind regards,

Fred 25 Aug 2021, 14:15

Yes, I see now. Could you please try to remove one and make a test?