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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 29.07.21, 17:50
  • Opened by: SARL Happiness

Ticket #22033 - Custom menu whith creative elementor


i see in creative model 5 menu.
It’s possible to do a row or a menu with creative and put in alysum setting ?

I use elementor for wordpress and it’s very good to custom menu.



Fred 29 Jul 2021, 20:42

Yes, it's possible.
1. Create a layout in Creative Elements
2. Go to Menu items settings and select it from the list

SARL Happiness 02 Aug 2021, 11:04

i understand.
But i find 5 menu layout in Cretaive elements.
I was wondering if it's possible to do appear each layout when mouse on menu.
I would like create a mega menu for each tab.
I can use Alysum mega menu but i would like know if it's opossible to import layout in Alysum mega menu (custom link or other).

I would like to know if it's possible to create mega menu whith elementor ?


Fred 02 Aug 2021, 20:51

I would like to know if it's possible to create mega menu whith elementor? - YES, it's possible. Go to Menu Item settings and just select a layout you want fun the list

SARL Happiness 31 Aug 2021, 16:09


i haved in holiday.
can you explain how can i create mega menu with elementor.
Did i need create a template for each category ? Or i create a header with menu ? In this case how can i do a submenu ?


SARL Happiness 31 Aug 2021, 16:25

I find how choose layout but when i selecte creative element templates, nothing happens on the menu
i try an exemple with Kits-e-cigarette and temlate menu-1

Fred 01 Sep 2021, 14:06

1. Go to Elementor and create a layout
2. Go to menu item settings and select your layout

SARL Happiness 01 Sep 2021, 16:45

I have tried but no menu appears.

I try with layout menu-1 and i try with create layout test.

But my menu appears with #
I cleared the cache

i don't understand.

Fred 02 Sep 2021, 11:34

I just created new menu item "TEST" and added there dropdown section that was built in elementor. It just works with no problem

SARL Happiness 03 Sep 2021, 08:28

ok, thanks a lot.
I had not unchecked a box

Fred 03 Sep 2021, 09:46

You are welcome!