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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 31.07.21, 11:46
  • Opened by: ROYNS

Ticket #22038 - accordion broken on AMP

I have built my “Delivery Policy” page and other pages using a creative element accordion, on the desktop the accordion display perfectly with no problem but in the AMP version the accordion gets broken and completely unusable as you can see in the screenshot
what should I do to fix it?


accordion AMP-Desktop compari... (213.8 KiB)


Fred 01 Aug 2021, 10:02

As I can see you are using Page builder to display content of that CMS Page.
AMP doesn't support Page builder layouts and display only native page content

ROYNS 01 Aug 2021, 10:56

thank you for your reply Fred
I understand, is there is a way to insert an accordion in the AMP version? for example, I would create a page specially to display the amp accordion version on the AMP version.

can you please check my ticket "FS#22011 - many problems". it has been many days already and still, the main problem is not solved. this problem is urgent and very critical for my business and if you can't fix it, then I'm afraid that I will have to request a refund and move on to use another theme.

thank you for your help.

Fred 01 Aug 2021, 21:44

Unfortunately there is no way to add accordion option in back office. And that could not be a reason for refund, sorry.
The only way to add custom content for some CMS page is code customising.
We currently have vacation and not able to provide any custom works, but I'll make an exception for you.
Do the following steps:
1. open the file /themes/alysum/templates/mobile/cms/page.tpl
2. add following code:

{if $id_cms == 5}

3. change page ID and your content

ROYNS 02 Aug 2021, 08:29

sorry, Fred for the misunderstanding the accordion is not the reason that I wanted a refund. that problem was related to the unloaded icons in the back office in ticket ( "FS#22011 ). now it is perfectly fixed. no need for any refund.

Thank you very much for the custom code that very much appreciated <3. but I don't know how I should use it to display an AMP accordion how the content should look like!! :D

Fred 04 Aug 2021, 11:04

That's pretty easy. Just add a code I gave you, and put any content you need between "if" tags

Also define an "ID" of a page where you need to display unique content