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  • Theme: Venedor
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 02.08.21, 13:50
  • Opened by: Craig
  • Closed by: Anonymous Submitter
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Ticket #22046 - Sticky menu

I have two questions so far, the test site is : http://www.digitalsecurity.co.za

Sticky Menu? Not sticking

Please advise.



Fred 03 Aug 2021, 10:45

Hi, Craig.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Craig 03 Aug 2021, 11:19

Hi, done.

Fred 04 Aug 2021, 10:02

sorry for the delay.
Unfortunately back office link is wrong, see the screenshot https://take.ms/ioQpQ

Craig 04 Aug 2021, 10:23

Sorry about that, have updated it.

Fred 04 Aug 2021, 10:31

I just added this class https://take.ms/S5Y1Y to Header Builder layout and all works fine

Craig 04 Aug 2021, 14:16

Thank you so much, great support.

On a mobile device (i have turned AMP off) it does not follow, is it the same issue?

I am playing with AMP, have it turned off at the moment as when i turn it on the menu for testing the menu links dont work, i have played with it but cant seem to get it to work.

Fred 05 Aug 2021, 13:03

Yes, sticky header is disable for mobile devices because it takes too much place of mobile screen

Craig 05 Aug 2021, 14:15

Thanks i understand but could you please still check the site on a mobile device? AMP home page does not load using the standard AMP profile that came with the theme.

Also the menu navigation fails, HTTP ERROR 500 on any of the menu links except the home one.

Thanks and sorry for been a pain.

Fred 08 Aug 2021, 09:00

I don't have access to your FTP to update AMP module

Response: 	331 User Promokit@digitalsecurity.co.za OK. Password required
Command:	PASS ************
Response: 	530 Login authentication failed
Error:        	Critical error: Could not connect to server
Craig 08 Aug 2021, 09:26

Sorry, its my firewall, i have disabled it and changed the username and password in my account settings, please try again and let me know when you are done or else send me your IP if its static and i will add it to the allowed table.

Fred 09 Aug 2021, 21:34

sorry, I'm but still not able to connect. Now I have this error message https://take.ms/wysJG

I have tried all possible options, FTP/SFTP, secure/insecure

Craig 09 Aug 2021, 21:55

Please check the login details in my support section, you can also access cpanel and then the file manager using the same details.



ftp.JPG (145.7 KiB)
Fred 11 Aug 2021, 11:18

I have tried both credentials but nothing works to login to your cPanel https://take.ms/jJaUv

Connecting via FTP also not allowed with provided details

Status:      	Connecting to
Error:        	Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:        	Could not connect to server
Craig 13 Aug 2021, 08:59

Morning, you must think i am a fool, sorry. So i had forgotten that i had To block countries in cPHulk enabled, i have disabled it now.

Fred 15 Aug 2021, 13:43

Yes, now I can connect, don't worry.
I see the issue with AMP. We are working to provide a solution as soon as possible

Fred 17 Aug 2021, 23:13

Did you change the theme? I don't see AMP module available now

Craig 18 Aug 2021, 01:52

Hi, yes i was asked to by one of your team.
17 Aug 2021, 19:11
No, I see only 2 products.
Could you please switch to Classic prestashop theme and check out the issue there?

I have reverted back now.


Fred 18 Aug 2021, 11:21

I just installed the latest AMP module version, now it seem to work

Craig 18 Aug 2021, 12:16

Hi, thank you. Much appreciated.

Fred 18 Aug 2021, 20:30

You are welcome!