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Ticket #22071 - Module Title Translation (Produt Page - Page builder)

Hello support team

Could you please tell me there can I translate module title on the product page. It is not in the module tpl file.
It has to come from elswere. Perhaps it is somehow generated by the page builder.
I would be greatfull for any hint on translating this part of the product page (see img attachments).

Kind Regards


ps-e-1.png (307.8 KiB)
ps-e-2.png (107.9 KiB)
ps-e-3.png (109.8 KiB)


Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 11:11

Pls. rename the "Produt" to "Product" in the title "Ticket #22071 - Module Title Translation (Produt Page - Page builder"

Fred 05 Aug 2021, 11:40

Hi, Pawel.
1. That is a "Products in the same category" module, so go to modules translations, find that module and change the translations
2. We have replaced "Page Builder" module with new "Creative Elements". So the issue is gone in the latest theme version

Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 11:51

Also have a look at this screenchot including chrome debug view.
Perhaps this will help you in finding the right translation solution.


ps-e-4.png (329.4 KiB)
Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 12:00

I assume that upgrade can change my website apperance.

  1. Does "out of the box upgrade" can brake my site ?
  1. After upgrad. Do I need to redesign my websiet from ground up ?
  1. Do you have any tutorial how to migrate from "Page Builder" to "Creative Elements" module ?


Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 12:42

Hello supprt team

Looking at your new theme version demo https://alysum5.promokit.eu/electronics/en/ its look linke the new version have some mobile issue (see img atachments).

Previously I had to turn off AMP for mobile view on our customer site because it would run into an errors.

I spend some time customizing the theme for curent builder (js, css) so I would not want to whipe it all out just to get new theme builder and start my customization all over with another design problems.

There fore I would be greatfull if you provide me with the location where can I make transation in my curent "Page Builder" module.
Perhaps in futher future we will make an upgrade to new builder but for today I need just this.

Kind Regards

Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 19:10

Hi again

I looked in to ...
There is nothing there that I would not already translate.
This phase comes from somewhere else.

PrtSc bellow

Any idea?

Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 19:11

*regarding module translation for "Products in the same category"

Pawel Mroczkowski 05 Aug 2021, 20:10


I found the translation location.
Had to select theme translation from the drop down not module.
Then search for phase and it poped.

Fred 06 Aug 2021, 17:00

Great! Sorry for the late reply