• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 08.08.21, 16:16
  • Opened by: Andrea Vallini

Ticket #22089 - AMP Home Page Builder is bugged

I’ve been working on the AMP Home Page Builder for hours, and I’ve realized that this module has many serious problems.
I had set up the widget “Images gallery” with text and images, I saved everything, everything worked, and when I returned to my admin panel were no longer visible links to images and text that I had entered (on the front page of the store, however, was all ok). after I ripremuto the button slava everything disappeared. I even changed the alignment of the text above the image that before was central and now is positioned at the bottom and I can not move it.
The HTML field has reset itself. All the text I had entered was lost, and now the basic text of your form (the one from Alysum) has reappeared. Basically all my work has been lost for no reason.


Andrea Vallini 08 Aug 2021, 16:20

In addition if I want to insert an accordian list widget, it starts an infinite loading and the widget is never added.

Fred 10 Aug 2021, 09:09

1. Strange, we never seen such issue before. The one possible reason is the invalid HTML source code you insert there. Try to use code cleaner before pasting the code https://html-cleaner.com

2. Accordion should be fixed now, please check it out