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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 23.08.21, 10:19
  • Opened by: Zuzana

Ticket #22157 - Update error


So I am trying to update Alysum. The automatic update got an error, so I have tried manual update.

When I am on the Orders tab or Catalog page in BO everything seems fine. When I go to Modules I get 500 Internal Server Error. Pls, check the attachment.

Thanks for your help,

PS: I am updating my test site, not online eshop. I updated all files on FTP and delete/import the database yesterday, online eshop and test eshop are identical at this moment (except for the update of course).



Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 16:01

What do you think about switching to the Default PS theme, uninstalling Alysum, and installing Alysum 7.01 from scratch?
What I will lose by uninstalling the Alysum? I suppose since I need to re-build the whole homepage and product page again the work probably will be the same as the update, maybe it will be even easier?

What are your thoughts? Update or Unistall/Install?

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 16:40

Let me check out your current configuration.
Please also let me know if you have important data of some module

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 16:46

OK, login info in my Profile should be working, you can check it.
I am not aware of any important data...
I do not use wishlist, reviews, or size chart module.
Images and product descriptions are stored in dtb, also size, color, category...etc.
I use card payment and shipping modules but they are outside of alysum...
Hmm... I don´t know... I don´t think there is any important data...

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 16:48

Simple blog, I should backup posts somehow...
Anything other you think of?

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 16:52

I can make theme update for you if you want

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 17:00

That would be great but I will need the update for my test site, so I can re-build the design, test if it can do everything I need and then, when I am ok with it, update my online eshop.

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 17:25

Please upgrade your prestashop to the latest version

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 17:36

Cannot upgrade now, because my test site is on PHP 5.5 and I think PS requires PHP 7.1 at least.
I have to ask the web hosting provider to change it to 7.3

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 17:36

The latest theme version require the latest prestashop

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 17:46

OK, I think about it.
Is there a way to update Alysum to 5.7.1 (last before 7.0 Elementor update)?
When I download via Themeforest there is only 7.0.1 update folder, older updates are missing.

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 18:02

It has no sense at all to update to the 5.7.1
Ok, I'll try with your current version

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 18:21

My last update was a year and a half ago. I am sure there were changes I will benefit from. Even without Elementor.
Of course I would prefer newest version.
I am going to ask the hosting provider for PHP update anyway. Test site is exactly the same data-wise but much slower.

I am going to setup credentials on my test site the same as my online eshop so you can login there as well.

Fred 23 Aug 2021, 18:25

Please switch to the php version 7.2 or 7.3. Currently that's main problem

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 18:38

OK, I am going to ask for PHP update right now.

My test site credentials are almost the same as you can see in my Profile.

Test website is .SK (instead of EU)

Shop url ends with .sk
In backoffice url change .eu to .sk
BO login and pass are the same
FTP host change .eu to .sk
FTP login change .eu to .sk
FTP password is the same except this character "}" I don´t know why but it is not allowed anymore. So the same password just delete } from it.

I let you know when PHP is 7.3

Zuzana 23 Aug 2021, 19:05

PHP on .sk test domain has been changed to PHP version: 7.3.25

Fred 24 Aug 2021, 10:39

I'm sorry, I mislead you. Your current php version support php max 7.2.x - https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/installation/system-requirements/

Zuzana 24 Aug 2021, 11:27

Hm, I have PHP 7.3 on main .eu domain since November 2020, almost a year.
Yesterday I switched from 5.5 to 7.3 only on my testing .sk domain.

Do you have a problem with updating the theme because of 7.3? Should I try to downgrade to 7.2?

Fred 24 Aug 2021, 12:10

Yes, please switch to 7.2

Zuzana 24 Aug 2021, 12:43

Ok done, on both domains is PHP 7.2 now

Zuzana 25 Aug 2021, 12:37

Hello, anything new?

Fred 25 Aug 2021, 15:00

There is a problem what we are not able to solve. The most important module Theme Settings is not compatible with current prestashop version

Zuzana 25 Aug 2021, 15:04

So I need to restore from backup?

Fred 25 Aug 2021, 15:05

Or update prestashop to the latest version

Zuzana 25 Aug 2021, 15:17

ok I restore for now and then update to

Fred 25 Aug 2021, 15:17

no need to restore, just update

Zuzana 25 Aug 2021, 15:27

update will probably need more time, I have to check payment and shipping modules if they are compatible with new PS and even if they are, there will be errors, they always are, I never in 10 years updated easily :( I restore and try update PS on the second domain (.sk) not on my main domain.

Fred 25 Aug 2021, 15:28

The latest updates goes smoothly for me

Zuzana 25 Aug 2021, 16:01

It´s like a Catch-22 for me :) I worry about update errors so I avoid updates as long as I can. Then I have to skip 2-3 years of updates in one go and boy, there are errors :D If I would update every few months it would probably be ok. I always promise myself, I do, in the future. But here I am again - updating from 1.7.5 (2018) to 1.7.7 (2021)
I let you know when I am done.

Fred 26 Aug 2021, 11:18


Zuzana 14 Sep 2021, 11:06

Hello hello,

I am back, upgraded my test domain to PS

I uninstalled Alysum theme during the upgrade process. Now I want to install and proceed with design changes, but there is an error.

BO admin - Modules - Compile Error: Cannot declare class SizeGuide, because the name is already in use.

I have installed Alysum v.7.0.1 via BO (not copy-paste via FTP), clear cache, still getting the error when on Modules tab.


Fred 14 Sep 2021, 20:02

go to your server into prestashop folder. find there "modules → pk_sizeguide" and rename "pk_sizeguide" somehow

Zuzana 14 Sep 2021, 20:15

what prestashop folder do you mean? Folder modules?

I already have public_html/modules/pk_sizeguide

Fred 14 Sep 2021, 20:22

Prestashop root folder, in your case it's public_html

Zuzana 14 Sep 2021, 20:37

Fred, I am sorry, I am probably slow today, be patient with me.

In my root folder public_html there is folder modules and in this folder already is another folder with name pk_sizeguide.

What should I change/rename?

Fred 14 Sep 2021, 20:41

No problem, don't worry
I just renamed the folder /public_html/modules/pk_sizegude into pk_sizeguide–

Zuzana 14 Sep 2021, 21:00

haha, I get it now! sorry, English is not my first language, my fault.

ok, I´m gonna change it on my test domain and continue with testing of the upgrade

Fred 14 Sep 2021, 22:00

you are welcome, no problem

Zuzana 20 Sep 2021, 11:58

So the upgrade seems to be OK. I am trying Elementor, but I get error - Unable to transform value for property path "[background-color]": Expected a numeric...

I´ve tried this solution - Ticket #22223 clear cache, no chage, same error.

Also, it is strange, but I did not have subfolder "src" in /modules/pkthemesettings/

I had to add it to pkthemesettings with those subfolders Form/Admin/Type and 2x php files as you suggested. Maybe I am missing more folders, files...?

I have checked Alysum v 7.0.1 update but for module pkthemesettings there is only "views" subfolder update.

BE AWARE PLS - I am testing on the second domain, not on my main domain. If you wanna check the above, you have to log in on my TEST domain:

My test domain credentials are almost the same as you can find in my Profile.

Shop url ends with .sk (not eu)
In backoffice url change from .eu to .sk
BO login and pass are the same
FTP host change .eu to .sk
FTP login change .eu to .sk
FTP password is the same except this character "}" I don´t know why but it is not allowed anymore. So the same password just delete } from it.

Fred 20 Sep 2021, 13:52
Zuzana 20 Sep 2021, 14:03

please read second sentence in my previous comment

Zuzana 20 Sep 2021, 14:04

I´ve tried this solution - Ticket #22223 clear cache, no chage, same error.

Fred 20 Sep 2021, 16:11

1. Please make sure you have disabled Opcahce
2. I'm not able to login to your back office

Zuzana 20 Sep 2021, 16:32

1. Advanced parameters - Performance - Cache is NO
2. BE AWARE PLS - I am testing on the second domain, not on my main domain. If you wanna check the above, you have to log in on my TEST domain:

My test domain credentials are almost the same as you can find in my Profile.

Shop url domain is .sk (not .eu)
Backoffice url is .sk (not .eu)
BO login and pass are the same

Fred 21 Sep 2021, 11:51

1. Opcache - is not prestashop cache. Opcache is a php cache that you can temporary disable in your server configuration
2. ok, I have updated credentials in your profile. And I see the folder "src" there, see the screen https://take.ms/RjTA6

Zuzana 21 Sep 2021, 12:45

1. Ok, by I think it is off as well. Pls, see the attachment of the print screen of my cPanel Apache and PHP setting.

Zuzana 21 Sep 2021, 12:45


Zuzana 21 Sep 2021, 13:20

2. You wrote in ticket #22223 we should "replace" 2 php files. There was nothing to replace. The whole folder src was missing, I had to make it.
I upgraded from Alysum 5.4.0 to 7.0.1 and there is no src folder in 7.0.1 upgrade.
So I make the src folder (with subfolders with 2 php files) but I still get errors, so then I wrote here.
I mentioned missing src folder only because if this folder was not automatically added with the upgrade maybe some others are missing too.

Fred 22 Sep 2021, 12:50

I'm not sure you have created all those folders, see the screenshot https://take.ms/JuwD9

I already uploaded those two files into the folder /public_html/modules/pkthemesettings/src/Form/Admin/Type

Zuzana 22 Sep 2021, 14:47

OMG I know where the problem is! I was in pk_themesettings and not pkthemesettings! Grrrrrrr. I looked at your screenshot 30x, because you had different folders on the screenshot than was on my FTP! And then it finally clicked and I saw my mistake. Sorry, theme settings show no error now. Thank you for your patience. Screenshots are very helpful!
I am going to delete those folders I made in pk_themesettings.


Zuzana 22 Sep 2021, 14:48

ignore the attachement pls

Fred 23 Sep 2021, 11:25

no problem

Zuzana 27 Sep 2021, 19:24

Hi Fred, I have a problem with product images. I thought it would be easy, just regenerating thumbnails, but there is no change after. I have tried to delete images for one product and reupload them again, no change. I have tried chrome in incognito mode, no change. I can see images in BO, but not in FO. Only imported Alysum theme images are correctly visible. My product images are not loading. Can you help me with it? Thank you.

Fred 27 Sep 2021, 21:07

Hi, Zuzana.
I'm not sure that's theme's problem.
Try to switch to classic theme and see check out the problem there

Zuzana 28 Sep 2021, 14:34

You are right, I have found a solution, images are OK again.

Fred 28 Sep 2021, 16:18

Ok, great