• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 14.09.21, 11:50
  • Opened by: Bart van Geleuken

Ticket #22262 - New update template same problem: Reopen ticket 22053

You fixed my blank homepage when I use the DisplayHomeBuilder.
After update problem is there again.
I placed your edited file back and all is working.

But you made it clear that all alterations done will be part off a next release.
I doubt this now.
Please check if you made the solution of ticket 22053 (and check 22189 also) part of the 7.1 release.


Bart van Geleuken 14 Sep 2021, 11:53
Fred 14 Sep 2021, 20:09

Hi, Bart.
But as I can see all works fine now
Last time the fix was in the file /themes/alysum/templates/layouts/layout-both-columns.tpl
The line

{if $pktheme.hp_builder == 1}

was changed to

{if $pktheme.hp_builder == 0}

or vice verse :)

Bart van Geleuken 14 Sep 2021, 22:10

You are right but I referred to the wrong ticket. It is ticket 22138.
There I had the blank homepage issue when using Content Anywhere.
There you change the module pk_elements
When I copy the modified module in the new update everythings works fine.

Fred 15 Sep 2021, 20:53

so the issue is fixed now?

Bart van Geleuken 16 Sep 2021, 09:44

When I do a clean install the issue is not fixed.
I think you did not incorporate the modifications you made in the new release.

I had to copy the modified files from the 7.0.1 release to get it working.
Now the issue is fixed but I have mixed files from two releases.

Again a clean install will not work.

Fred 16 Sep 2021, 11:07

Ok, I see. We will check it out