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Ticket #22460 - Website down after upgrade to Version 7.2.0

Hi fred !

The website is completly down after upgrading to 7.2.0 version the debug mode show nothing !

Need your help please


Fred 19 Oct 2021, 13:52

Hi, Alexandre
I’m not at my working place right now.
Try to enable debug mode and see the error messages

Alexandre Bertrand 19 Oct 2021, 13:54

Hi !

I’ve tried no error is showing when debug mode is activated

Alexandre Bertrand 19 Oct 2021, 17:58

I have restored the last version I would do the update again later

Fred 19 Oct 2021, 18:05

Ok, let me know in case some problems.
Sorry today I had day-off. Next time will try to help as soon as possible

Alexandre Bertrand 21 Oct 2021, 11:28

It’s okay no worries

Fred 21 Oct 2021, 11:30

Thank you for understanding

Alexandre Bertrand 21 Oct 2021, 16:24

It’s okay no worries

Alexandre Bertrand 22 Oct 2021, 14:26

Hi fred !

Is alysum 7.2.0 update is compatible with prestashop ?

Fred 22 Oct 2021, 14:43

We recommend to use the latest Prestashop version 1.7.8 with Alysum 7.2

Alexandre Bertrand 22 Oct 2021, 14:49

The upgrade from to 1.7.8 with 1 click upgrade cause me a lot of problemes i’ve lost so many native BO fonctions don’t i know whats wrong !

Fred 23 Oct 2021, 11:39

ok, so use that Alysum version you currently have and not update it for a while