• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 19.10.21, 14:14
  • Opened by: Sophia Kulakova

Ticket #22461 - translate theme

Hello! I can’t translate the topic. I have 3 languages connected: Russian, English and German. Now I wanted to translate the topic into German, but it gives me an error: Could not crawl for translation files: The “/home/s/skulakova/new.skulakova.beget.tech/public_html/app/Resources/translations/de-DE” directory does not exist.


Fred 19 Oct 2021, 18:08

Hi, Sophia.
I'm not sure that's related to the theme.
Missed folder is in the ROOT of prestashop. Try to create that folder manually

Sophia Kulakova 09 Dec 2021, 08:30

Hello, tell me what I'm doing wrong, my slider on the main page is not translated. Translated into English and German in page builders, but when opening on the site remains in Russian

Fred 10 Dec 2021, 16:57

Sorry for the delay.
As I understand you have updated the theme. In the new theme version Elementor module is available. So the question is simple, will you use it? I'm asking because it's more powerful and has no such bugs like you have right now

Sophia Kulakova 10 Dec 2021, 17:13

I updated the theme, but I did not have a module for this, I looked at other tickets, found that I needed to look for it through the modules catalog, but I did not find it there either. Then I looked at what changes took place on the site itself, the header changed a lot, and the products disappeared on the category pages. Since I want to launch a new site as soon as possible, I decided that it would take me a very long time to adjust the whole design and figure it out, so I restored the backup before the update. I would update to the new version, if there was not so much work on the design edits, can this be saved somehow?

Fred 13 Dec 2021, 14:00

Yes, because those are new modules, you can find them in the Module Catalog. See Creative Elements and Promokit Widgets modules.
As for the backup, you can go to Page Builder and Export your layouts. Another option is to export database tables "pagebuilderprofile_shop" and "pagebuilderprofile", and keep a backup of pagebuilder module files.

Sophia Kulakova 16 Dec 2021, 12:21

Is it possible to make a translation without updating the theme and solve this problem?

Fred 16 Dec 2021, 12:55

What exactly do you want translate?

Sophia Kulakova 16 Dec 2021, 13:49

carousel with categories on the main page, attached pictures above

Fred 17 Dec 2021, 13:04

Is it correct now? https://take.ms/YWPWb

Sophia Kulakova 17 Dec 2021, 13:05

Yes, everything is fine, thank you very much

Fred 17 Dec 2021, 13:06

You are welcome!

Sophia Kulakova 17 Dec 2021, 13:06

How can I still translate this page http://new.amberheart.ru/ru/2-katalog

Fred 17 Dec 2021, 13:18

but as I can see it's translated https://take.ms/fYXdA

Sophia Kulakova 17 Dec 2021, 13:20

Oh, yes, I’m sorry, I thought I hadn’t translated it yet, I hadn’t checked it. Then all. thanks a lot

Fred 17 Dec 2021, 13:24

You are welcome