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  • Status: Closed
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 22.10.21, 10:27
  • Opened by: Simone Scaburri
  • Closed by: Anonymous Submitter
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  • Reason: Not a bug

Ticket #22484 - Lookbook page doesn't load AMP


On Lookbook page the AMP module isn’t loaded correctly. In fact, header and footer are just a responsive view of the desktop version of header and footer (and not the layout I set on AMP pages).
Is there a way to load correctly AMP on this page, too?
You can see the error here: https://iberjeans.com/consigli-di-stile



Fred 22 Oct 2021, 12:33

That's just because Lookbook doesn't have AMP version. We are going to add it in further updates )

Simone Scaburri 22 Oct 2021, 12:43

Ok, thanks.
Is there a workaround for that? For example, placing the lookbook module in a cms custom page via a hook? Maybe also via code

Fred 23 Oct 2021, 11:32

You can place wherever you need but Lookbook doesn't have AMP version

Simone Scaburri 25 Oct 2021, 09:31

Yes it doesn't matter if the module itself has an AMP version or not, what's important is that the rest of the page (header/footer) are loaded with the AMP version of the website.
Where can I see the lookbook shortcode (to place it in a cms page then)?
Thanks again!

Fred 25 Oct 2021, 10:32

There is no shortcodes for lookbook module, where did you found it?

Simone Scaburri 25 Oct 2021, 11:32

I was asking cause you told that I could place the lookbook wherever I wanted, so I thought that there could be a shortcode/hook for it.

Fred 26 Oct 2021, 09:50

you can use native prestashop widgets calling like this

{widget name="pklookbook"}
Simone Scaburri 26 Oct 2021, 15:40

Thanks, it worked!
Is there a way to set the Lookbook view as "Classic" through the code you sent me? Now it displays as "Slider" view.



Fred 27 Oct 2021, 10:29

but as I can see here https://iberjeans.com/consigli-di-stile you have Classic mode enabled

Simone Scaburri 27 Oct 2021, 10:35

Yes, I placed the widget you sent ({widget name="pklookbook"}) in a CMS page (https://iberjeans.com/lookbook), but it displays only the Slider view.
Is there a way to set Classic view? Something like {widget name="pklookbook" view="classic"} etc...?


Fred 27 Oct 2021, 19:58

There is no such option. We try to add it as soon as we have will have free time. Currently we have too much customers tickets