• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 22.10.21, 17:04
  • Opened by: Alexandre Bertrand

Ticket #22489 - Search bar not working


My search bar stoped working after changing the header design


i think you should explain to me how to fix that so next time i don’t bother you for search bar problem

thank you


Fred 23 Oct 2021, 12:01

You seem to have enabled some external cache service like Cloudflare what doesn't allow me to see changes I made in .css files

Alexandre Bertrand 25 Oct 2021, 10:51

Cloudflare cache is disabled now the search bar still not working properly

The search icon is perfect but the result is not that good ⇒ https://take.ms/uS8PL

When the JavaScript "Smart cache" is enabled the submenu is not showing ⇒ https://take.ms/9wbM0

Fred 25 Oct 2021, 16:10

Just add following CSS line to fix that

body .ce-edit-wrapper {position:static;}

The proof of working solution https://take.ms/Ce7iZ

Alexandre Bertrand 26 Oct 2021, 10:54

Works fine ! Thank you fred

I have a question I cannot add the javascript variables for the conversion tracking google does not accept the smarty variables from prestashop

do you have any idea what i should use as a variable? https://take.ms/sqRS7

Fred 26 Oct 2021, 14:57

try to include those variables inside literals, like this