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  • Open Date: 08.11.21, 09:36
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Ticket #22564 - Cant sort by category in "Promokit"-"Layout Builder"


I have Alysum and when I go to the section “Layout Builder” - “Page Builder”, I have a “Product List” to show several categories that I have put in the same call “Home”.

Attachment capture (1)

It does not work, if I put ASC there are products that disappear, if I put DESC it does not order me as I have it in my Prestashop (2).

I show you my “home” (3)

I also added a “Product recommended” (4) to try to find a solution but it happens that neither shows the products nor is they ordered (5). Only 6 products.

Can you help me?


ScreenShots.rar (289.7 KiB)


Fred 08 Nov 2021, 10:17

Hi, Fran.
1. you wrote that some products are disappear but I just tried to enable both orders (ASC/DESC) and everytime it shows the same quantity of product
2. Recommended products are fixed

Fran 08 Nov 2021, 10:40

Hi Fred,

The problem we had is that with the ASC and DESC order, different products were shown but that does not matter if the "Recommended product" has been solved.

Many thanks!

Fred 08 Nov 2021, 10:40

Ok, we will check that out
You are welcome!

Fran 08 Nov 2021, 10:56

For example, now I have a <hr> slash delimiting the two widgets, the first is fine, it is the "Fixed Recommended Product" and the second is the "Product List"(1) showing all the products of the "Home" category where the The first product is the "Patrick" and the last "MONK BUCKLE BLACK" but it does not show the order well as we have it.(2)

Can you look at it?


ScreenShots2.rar (105.7 KiB)
Fred 08 Nov 2021, 11:01

I'll try to show you how it works (display 3 products example)

- prod1+
- prod2+
- prod3+
- prod4
- prod5
- prod1
- prod2
- prod3+
- prod4+
- prod5+

It shows how products are selected to show

Fran 08 Nov 2021, 11:43

Ok, what we want is that in the "Product list" it is ordered as it is ordered in our prestashop.

The "home" category has an internal order in prestashop (1-1) and we want it to be ordered correctly with the selected category.


1-1.jpg (110.5 KiB)
Fred 08 Nov 2021, 18:33

Where I can see product correctly ordered? Could you please give me a link?

Fran 09 Nov 2021, 13:02

I can show an image where they are ordered correctly(screenshot). Is that what you mean?


Fred 09 Nov 2021, 17:33

I just changed ordering way by "position, please check it out

Fran 10 Nov 2021, 15:43

Now it works correctly!, how have you done it?


Fred 10 Nov 2021, 15:43

just changed ordering way by "position" in the widgets code

Fran 11 Nov 2021, 16:45

I imagine it will be in the file "productlist.php", can you tell me which line?

Fred 11 Nov 2021, 16:46

I don't remember exactly. just search "position" word over the file

Fran 11 Nov 2021, 17:00

I love you :)

Fred 11 Nov 2021, 17:06

You are welcome!
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Fred 11 Nov 2021, 17:28

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